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Challenges Facing Wildlife industry In Kenya

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Wildlife is one of the best tourist attractions in the country and it is good if the government took the initiative of ensuring that it caters and solves the various problems facing the wildlfe industyr in the country before making it become less productive.The folloing are some of the major challenges facing wildlife in the country and it is good if the government took the initiative of solving them


Ilegal hunting of animals is taking place in a numebr of gameparks found in the country.Many poachers are invading the parks and end up killng alot of anials that could have attracted tourist in the country and make them be relaible for quite a certain duration of time.Poachers are killing alot of animals and the governemnt needs to get better ways of reducing the habit before it becomes more persistent and common among many people.


Huge fires can invade the parks making them destroy alot of natural resources such as trees and also cause animals to attack the neignbouring communities.It is good for the public to take into consideration the various ways that can be used to control natural fires to help reduce the high risks of them consuming the places.Tourists should also be discouraged from visiting the parks while smoking cigarettes.

Poor Disposal of waste

Many people entering the various national parks of the country eventually end up throwing alot of dust materials in places that are not suitable and are often not good for the place.Poor disposal of litter makes the parks to appear very unclean and should be immediately discouraged.

Prolonged Drought

The problem is one of the worst when they tend to take place in the national parks of the country.They continually act as a destrcution to the water levels and many animals will eventaully die as they depend on water for survival and further get food from plants that need water


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