Best Lakes in Kenya

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Tourists love visiting places that have adventure and it is of no doubt that the fact is indeed true. Kenya as a country has a lot of lakes that have different unique features which draws the attention of tourists to visit and explore them. The following are the best lakes to visit in Kenya.

Lake Victoria

It is the biggest lake in Kenya commonly known for producing large varieties and types of fish. The lake connects Kenya with its neighbors Tanazania and Uganda. The lake plays great role by being used as a source of transport for many landlocked nations Uganda being a perfect example. The lake has also helped many Kenyans to gain employment by venturing into the business of fish farming.

Lake Nakuru

The lake is majorly known for being a home to flamingoes. It has the largest numbers of flamingoes in the country and also its salty waters and springs attract huge number of tourists. Lake Nakuru is one of the best revenue sources of the town and has also created employment for many Kenyans in the tourism field.

Lake Turkana

The lake is also used as a fishing ground apart from being a tourist attraction. It is situated in the northern part of Kenya mostly known for desert conditions. However, the lake hardly dries up and continuous to support the economic lives of people in the area hence bringing to curiosity many explores to try find out about it.

Lake Magadi

The lake is used as a mining center for the country and makes Kenya become one of the largest soda ash producers in the world. The economic importance attributed to the lake helps it the country earn a lot of revenue through exporting soda ash products. By being a mining center, the lake creates a lot of employment for many youths that are jobless and find it hard to cope with the continuous economic projects.

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