Best Dams in Kenya

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Badasa Dam

The dam has been constructed with the major intention of distributing plenty water supply to the Marsabit residents.9km from Nairobi, the dam’s water is believed to originate from Bakuli springs that was constructed in the year 1970.The capacity of water in the dam changes depending with the season. Rainy seasons the water capacity goes up to 800m3 and 300m3 during the dry season.Supports a population of over 30000people.

Maruba Dam

Originates from the famous river Maruba that is the main source of water for the town of Machakos. The town has an approximated population of about 210000people with a water demand of about 8000m3/day. The storage capacity of the dam has gone down over the years as a result of continued siltation in rivers. However, the dam is still being expanded and several other projects coming from it.

Chemususu Dam

Comes from river Chemususu and is found in the north western parts of Nakuru town. The main intention of coming up with the dam was to improve the storage capacity of the area and ensure that water supply is in plenty.

Umaa Dam

 Found in Kitui county,the dam originates from the famous ribver Mukoleyka.The dam started being designed around the year 1992.The government is actively taking part in ensuring that the dam is well built so that it can be of benefit to the country and help the problem of water shortages in the nation.

Masinga Dam

It is a manmade lake that is one of the largest electrical producer sources in the country. It originates from river Tana and is one of the seven folks scheme found along the river. It borders Yatta plateau and holds a lot of marine life such as hippos, fish and crocodiles. The dam is also a major tourist attraction center.

Kamburu Dam

It is the second major station in Kenya that supplies huge electrical energy. It took seven major years for the construction to come to a considerable end. It is found along river Tana and is one of the seven folk’s scheme projects. The dam is also used as a source of water for the neighboring people.


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