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Why You Should Enroll For A Course In Mount Kenya University (MKU) In Kenya

why you should enroll for a course in mount kenya university mku in kenya 1


Kenya has many universities and institutions of higher learning. One of these establishments is the Mount Kenya University otherwise known as MKU University in Kenya. Mount Kenya Univeristy main campus in Kenya is located in Thika Town, near Nairobi. MKU university in Kenya has a variety of universities/campuses in Kenya and Rwanda.

Why enroll For a Course in Mount Kenya University (MKU) in Kenya

The Mount Kenya University campus in Kenya has a well equipped laboratory in Kenya. Mount Kenya University laboratories have state of the art facilities that help in MKU students’ research sessions. In the Mount Kenya University Thika Branch in Kenya, which is the Mount Kenya University main campus, there is a Non Communicable disease wing which is a reference centre in East Africa. The MKU campuses in Kenya boast of a competitive curriculum. The Mount Kenya University courses in Kenya have all been approved by competitive bodies in Kenya. The modes of learning in Mount Kenya University in Kenya are flexible in that one can either enroll for MKU fulltime classes in Kenya or MKU part time classes in Kenya- with the option of MKU evening classes in Kenya.

Mount Kenya University in Kenya also offers open learning or distance learning in Kenya and MKU e-learning programmes in Kenya. The Mount Kenya University fees in Kenya is affordable and the MKU campus modes of payments are easy. The Mount Kenya University campus offers a host of different courses in Kenya and university programmes in Kenya that are highlighted on MKU website and one can get the dates for application for courses in MKU and deadlines for applying for MKU courses in Kenya.

Enrolling in MKU campus ensures that a student will pass his or her exams. This is because the teaching staff in Mt Kenya University in Kenya is the best and they are all well educated and intelligent. Some of the lecturers in MKU university in Kenya have degrees, masters and PhDs from campuses from all over the world. The MKU campus is ISO certified, which means the Mount Kenya University management, teaching and performance adhere to the quality standards.

The Mount Kenya University campus in Kenya has signed agreements with many companies in to offer attachments for students in Kenya. The companies in Kenya include; Thika Hospital in Kenya, Export Processing Zone in Kenya and Geothermal Development Company in Kenya. These companies offer industrial attachments in Kenya, with special preferences for students from Mount Kenya University. The Mount Kenya university campus has wi-fi and internet hotspots in Kenya. The Mount Kenya University library in Kenya is well stocked with Internet enabled computers and a host of books. The Mount Kenya University campus has MKU accommodation facilities in Kenya like Mount Kenya University hostels which are provided to the students. MKU in Kenya also has a MKU students centre with restaurants, gymnasium, salon and barber shop. There are convenience stores in MKU campus such as laundry and dry cleaning services.

How to get to MKU (Mount Kenya University) main Campus in Thika from Nairobi

The easiest way to get to the Mounta Kenya University Main Campus in Thika from Nairobi city centre is to take a matatu to Thika Road Route in Kenya. There are buses that go to Thika town from Kenya from the Ronald Ngala Street matatu stage next to Turskys Magic in Nairobi. When you alight at Thika town, you will find the MKU Main campus. Thika is a fairly small town and on you way to the Thika main stage in Kenya, you will spot the MKU main campus. On the gate there is a large sign and it is hard to miss it.

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