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Where To Enrol For Financial Courses In Nairobi, Kenya

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Thousands of Kenyan youths all over the country are living in abject poverty. This is because most of the youths in Kenya are jobless and as such they are not able to fend for themselves…… some youths in Kenya are even not able to put food on the table every other day. This is an issue that the government of Kenya is still yet to resolve even after every incoming president promised to create jobs in Kenya for the Kenyan youths. The problem of unemployment in Kenya is an issue which we cannot just choose to roll under the carpet as such. It has to be acted on and acted on expeditiously for that matter.

One thing that is for sure is that, the key to beating the problem of unemployment in Kenya today is quality education. When Kenyan youths are well educated and impacted with the right kind of skills and knowledge, they will definitely grow to become independent citizens who can make money work for themselves rather than them having to work for the money. People need the right entrepreneurial skills in Kenya for them to be able to set up businesses that survive the hard economic times.

In that case therefore, Kenyan youths really need proper training on matters to do with finance, financial management and generally issues that touch on money and running businesses in Kenya. Apparently, there are a lot of institutions of higher learning in Kenya today which offer finance related courses to students. However, the problem is that, most of them, especially those that are located upcountry areas of Kenya; do not have the right in-house capacity to deliver quality education. As such, I have taken time to do a research about Kenya and I have compiled three of the best institutions of higher learning at which you can get quality education in Kenya on matters do deal with finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and such-like bits.

Strathmore University in Kenya

Previously referred to as Strathmore College, Strathmore University in Kenya has with no doubt grown considerably over the past two decades. The Strathmore institution in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds and is today highly regarded as Kenya’s centre of Excellence when it comes to information communication related studies in Kenya.  It is also important to appreciate the fact that a considerable percentage of the student fraternity here pursue finance and account related courses in Kenya. Why is this case? Of course everything is written down on paper for you to see. Over the years, Strathmore has produced some of the best financial experts in Kenya.  Even the current Equity Bank CEO, James Mwangi was once a student of Strathmore University in Kenya.

Strathmore Business School in Kenya is located on Ole Sangare Road off Mbagathi Road in Madaraka Estate in Nairobi. Students in Kenya are increasingly enrolling for finance courses in Strathmore University. This simply means that, most Kenyans are seeking quality education in Kenya on financial and business management matters. Strathmore University website is http://sbs.strathmore.edu/

The University of Nairobi

Also worth noting is that the University of Nairobi is another excellent place where you can enroll at to pursue a finance or accounting related course. Being the oldest University in the country, you really have no doubt that the lecturers here will impact your knowledge and as such help you to grow into a highly proficient finance and accounting professional.

The advantage of University of Nairobi is that it has campuses all over Kenya. Therefore, regardless of where you live, you can find such courses pretty much accessible.  The main campus is located along the University Way within Nairobi City. UON in Kenya is on University Way near Koinange Street opposite Nairobi Safari Club and along Uhuru Highway in Nairobi. In case you reside within Nairobi, it might be a good idea to pursue your studies in University of Nairobi main campus in Nairobi town in Kenya. UON website is on http://www.uonbi.ac.ke/

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Just as the name implies, Kenya School of Monetary Studies is the school where all issues to do with money are taught in Kenya. In that case therefore, it does not matter whether you want to learn accounting, finance, entrepreneurship in Kenya or any other money related course. Kenya School of Monetary Studies has the best lecturers on financing courses in Kenya. Kenya School of Monetary Studies is located along the Thika superhighway in Nairobi specifically Off Thika Road, Next to De La Rue Ltd on Mathare North Road in Nairobi. Kenya School of Monetary Studies website is http://www.ksms.or.ke/

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