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Where to acquire the best skills in Media production and related fields: Shang Tao Media Arts and Mass Communication College

where to acquire the best skills in media production and related fields shang tao media arts and mass communication college 1


Media is one of sectors where people expect for provision of the available news and current affairs in the society. The media is of varied types from mass media and print media and they ensure that they provide the accurate information that is happening and required by the people. The advent in digital technology and the liberalization in the media industry has given rise to many television and radio stations, creating an enormous market for the need for well trained and skilled mass media practitioners. This has led to the establishment of different schools and institution for offering the courses that will lead to the acquisition of the skills required in the media sector.

Shang Tao Media Arts and Mass Communication is an institution of higher learning that is dedicated to provide relevant, current and effective training that will ensure a realistic opportunity for employment. They specialize in the latest software, techniques and technologies in order to cater to the needs of the film, television and video industries. Through a state of the art facilities, qualified instructors, curriculum, latest programs, the students will be given every advantage available in order to be successful. In addition, Shang Tao is fully registered and certified by the ministry of Education science and technology, media council of Kenya and the commission for the university education Kenya.

Shang Tao College offer different academic programmes that ensure that it equip the students with the required skills to fit in the media sector. The programmes offered include;

Video Editing and Compositing bench for group brainstorming is one of the programs offered in this college. This enables the students to be able to edit any of the videos to be aired especially in the news of the day. In addition to this, the college offers the advanced 3D animation where any of the videos are animated in a 3D dimension making the images look more real irrespective of the quality of the capturing devices.

This college also offers Advanced Film and Video Shooting programmes which give the students the necessary skills and knowledge on how to film and shoot videos and pictures in the media with the highest quality and standards. This enables the students to film videos in the best quality regardless of the environment or the capturing device standards. They also in this field offer the students with the skills in advanced film and TV effects where they ensure that the students can produce and apply various effects in the TV screens for the best experience to the viewers. This will therefore increase the viewers’ interests to view the TV stations.

Also offered by this college is the TV presentation Green screen programme where the TV presentation is done using the autocue teleprompter. This trains the students to be able to present any programs and shows in any environment without any constraints. Apart from that, they offer in the same line Film and Video shooting in green screen arena. This technique can be used for the better part of the production and media presentation.

Shang Tao Media Arts and Mass Communication being an institution of higher learning has other facilities that ensure that the students are comfortable in the studying environment. The facilities include:- Music and Sound Engineering Lab, Interactive Multimedia Lab, Visual Editing and Advanced Compositing Lab, Group Visual Editing and Compositing Shang Tao suite equipped with two dual 50’ LCD display panel sitting capacity. Other facilities available are the video/film shooting lab, minilabs and much more.

For the enrollment of these academic programmes in this college, the applications are found online by downloading the application forms from www.shangtao.ac.ke. The sole requirements are a dully completed application form specifying the month you would like to join, a copy of a passport or National ID, a copy of your High school results slip and 2 coloured and current passport sized photos. Submit the application forms attached with the relevant documents to their main branch offices through their email at [email protected]


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