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Where best to buy building materials in Kenya: East African Portland Cement Ltd

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In Kenya, most of the building is usually done with cement and this ensure that they are strong enough and durable ad can therefore accommodate and withstand the pressures and weights of the occupants of the buildings. There has been a lot of news about building collapsing due to poor construction skills and the use of weak cement which cannot withstand the weight and pressure of the buildings.

However, Kenya is privileged to have a variety of cement manufacturing industries from where the building can be done by the cement in which the owner of the building prefer. Furthermore, when there is variety, the chances of choosing the best cement are higher. All in all, EastAfrican Portland Cement Ltd is one of the best industries in Kenya that provide the best cement products in the country.

EastAfrican Portland Cement Ltd is one of the oldest industries which have been able to produce the best cement in the country. Cement from this industry known as the Blue Triangle Cement is strong and durable and ensure that it hold firmly the buildings or structures built using it. For instance, Blue Triangle cement was used to build very old structures such as KICC, Kipande House and Co-operative bank Headquarters building and through all those years, these building not inly stand as living monuments to the industries’ resilience but also as a sign and progress of strength and durability.

This industry have safety policies and procedures which are continuously audited and certified by the Kenya Bureau standards, Kenya’s premier standards agency, which enable them to maintain high safety standards and constantly innovate to improve their products. This industry use ICT systems in the manufacture and quality control procedures and was recognized by the Computer Society of Kenya as the best class which show that their products are highly standardized and meet all the requirements of the products expected in the market.

EAPCC has also ensured that they work in accordance with the achieving of the Vision 2030 by improving the quality of Blue Triangle Cement to the best quality in order to work closely to the Vision 2030 National Secretariat to provide best brands of Blue Triangle Cement for flagship vision 2030 projects such as Chemusus dam, Geothermal Power plant in Nakuru and much more.

For any enquiries or complains about EAPCC products, you can contact their head office through the mobile +254 722 203076, +254 722 203 078/80 or +254 733 333212/14. They can also be reached by email [email protected] or by filling an online form of enquiries at their website www.eastafricanportland.com

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