What You Should Know About KASNEB Technicians or Professional Examination

by Laura Wanjiru  - February 2, 2023


Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National and Examination Board (KASNEB) were founded by the Government of Kenya in 1969, according to Accountancy Act Cap 531 of the laws of Kenya. The board is mandated to develop syllabus, conduct technicians and professional examinations, accountancy, governance, Information Technology, management and certification of candidates. It also involves in accreditation of institutions offering various courses. KASNEB works towards producing professionals that compete favorably in the job market by offering quality examinations in the following areas: governance, accountancy, management, Information Technology, Finance and other related fields.

1)    Registration for KASNEB Technician examinations


For one to qualify for the above examination he/she should have the following requirements:


a)     A secondary school education certificate with an aggregate grade of D+ or equivalent.

b)    Any other KASNEB technician examination certificate

c)     Such other certificate or diploma as may be approved by the KASNEB.



2)    Registration for KASNEB professional examinations.


The following are the requirements for registration for professional examinations:

 a)     A secondary school certificate with an aggregate grade of C+ or equivalent provided heshe has obtained a mean grade of C+ or equivalent in both English and Mathematics.

b)    Should have an advanced education (A-level)s certificate with two principal passes provided that he or she has a credit in Mathematics and English at secondary education level or have a KASNEB technician or professional examination certificate.

 c)     A degree from a recognized university or

 d)    Such other certificate or diploma as may be approved by KASNEB.


 When to Register For KASNEB examinations

 KASNEB examinations are taken either in June or December each year. Those intending to take the June exams should register not later than 30th November of the previous year, while those intending to take the December exams should register not later than the preceding year 31st of May. NB Late registration may be accepted up to one month after the closing date. However this will involve payment of late registration fee which is usually 50% of the normal registration fee. Other exemptions may involve as per the specific case.


For more information visit www.kasneb.or.ke

or contact through:

Mobile: 0722201214

Email: [email protected]




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