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Webuye Distict hospital in Bungoma county

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Webuye District hospital was started in 1990 through funding from The East African Development Bank with support from the Chinese government Una program that targeted a number of places such as webuye. It begun as a dispensary in 1992. In the late ’90s, it was made a district hospital and has since become the best hospital in the county of Bungoma.

The hospital has a catchment population of about 500,000 people. Due to its strategic location, it covers the entire Bungoma county, including Kakamega, Busia, Malaba, parts of trans-nzoia County and western parts of Uganda.

The hospital has a bed capacity of 217 with approximately 150% bed occupancy rates. On a daily basis, between 150-200 patients suffering from diverse conditions can be attended to. The theatre operates on between 125 and 145 patients per month and has two general surgeons and six specialized ones.

The hospital partners with several NGO’s and other organizations such as the UN through AMPATH, offering family and public health care, the family medicine department of Moi University, EMBLEM, which carries out research on purkitts lymphoma, and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital on cervical cancer.

The hospital also has a medical training college offering a vast range of courses such as nursing and clinical medicine studies. Pharmacy is also taught and the students gain experience from attachment at various departments at the hospital.

It has diverse departments, both medical and non medical. They include inpatient and outpatient departments, pediatric triage, ear nose and throat, eye and dental departments among many others. It is therefore important that the government and county administration help the facility to tackle challenges such as;

Lack of modern theatre and medical facilities that would have otherwise improved the provision of medical services instead of referring the patients to different referral hospitals in the country. The hospital also needs an increase in the number of employees especially the medical team whose ratio to that of patients is very low hence the patients do not get proper services from the medics.

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