Various Academic Programmes Offered By Presbyterian University Of East Africa

by Lotela Paul  - February 2, 2022

University education has been in the demand by many of the youths in Kenya as many try to enroll for the vocational courses in order to acquire the vocational skills needed in the job market. These skills enable them therefore to be competitive in the job market as they try to secure the most profitable jobs which will end up been well paying. Apart from jobs, the skills also enable the youths to build up a successful careers of their interest to brighten their future.

This has therefore seen the establishment of many universities and institutions of higher learning for the provision of these skills and knowledge to the interested students. Presbyterian University of East Africa is thereby one of the institutions that enable the students to acquire the necessary skills that the job market require for the enrollment of a successful and well-paying job.

Presbyterian University of East Africa offer different courses in variety of fields and areas of expertise. The university offer courses in all level ranging from certificate, diploma, Undergraduate to Postgraduate. This university being from a Christian background ensures that the students who enroll for their courses are able to take part in different religious functions that are hosted from time to time. Presbyterian University of East Africa has various departments which hosts the different academic programmes they offer.

The university offer professional studies courses which include Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) where they offer Diploma level 4, Diploma level 5 or Diploma level 6, Association of Business Executives (ABE) offering Diploma Level 4, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma. Other professional studies course offered is NCC education where they offer Diploma in Computing, Business Information Technology, Advanced Diploma in Computing as well as Advanced Diploma in Business Information Technology.

It also offer Certificate programmes in most of the courses as well as pre-university courses where enrollers should have attained a mean Grade of C (plain) in KCSE. The Certificate courses require a minimum of KCSE mean grade of C (Minus) and they include certificates in Business Administration, Hotel and Tourism Management, Criminology and Fraud Management, Public Relations, Theology, Journalism and Mass Communications as well as a certificate in Business Information Technology.

As an established institution, this university offer Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, Hotel and Tourism Management, Education (Arts), Education (Science), Criminology and Fraud Management, Public Relations, Computer Science, Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Community Health, Theology, Journalism and Mass Communications Business Information Technology. The minimum admission Requirement for the successful application of a Diploma in Presbyterian University of East Africa is a KCSE mean Grade of C (Plain)

The undergraduate programmes offered by this university are numerous and are based on different departments. The academic programmes that they offer are Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Education (Arts) and Bachelor of Education (Science). The admission requirements for the Undergraduate courses are a bit tight since they are more detailed. The requirements and qualification for the Bachelor Courses is a mean grade of C+ (Plus)

Presbyterian University from its experience in the provision of academic programmes have therefore advanced and are able to offer postgraduate academic programmes to the students who need the most details in their vocational skills. The post graduate courses offer in this university are Master of Business Administration in the option of Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategic Management. They also offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and the minimum qualification is a first degree in the field or related from a recognized institute.

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