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University Institutions In Mombasa County In Kenya

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Thanks to the new constitution in Kenya, now every county in Kenya is working hard and trying to be more economically competitive. Education in Kenya is a very key pillar to any developments and county governors are ensuring that education institutions in counties in Kenya are well funded and governed by the laws set to avoid cases of unrecognized certifications.

For many years, Coast region in Kenya has been behind in education levels. There were only a few institutions in Coast offering quality tertiary education. But in the last decade, we have witnessed schools like Kenya Methodist University, UoN, Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya university and quite a lot others be successfully established in the coast region of Kenya. These institutions in Mombasa have joined the list of the pre-existing ones like Mombasa Polytechnic now known as Technical University of Mombasa and The Coast Polytechnic in Kenya. Now, the big question is ‘which school offers quality education in Coast region of Kenya?’ 

To know which institution offers better education in terms of quality, you have to look at many aspects. Quality education in Kenya involves competent lecturers, relevant courses, modern facilities and more. Most schools in Kenya have had the habit of specializing, for example University of Nairobi is heralded for producing the best engineers in Kenya, there are very good lawmakers coming from Moi University but that does not mean the other universities in Kenya do not excel on those fields. Technical University of Mombasa is one of the oldest institutions in Coast region of Kenya. Technical University of Mombasa in Kenya offers almost all courses from business to medicine fields. Over the years Technical University of Mombasa has developed much, and has the best facilities in the Coast of Kenya such as modern laboratories. Although it is always hard to gauge the competence of lecturers in Kenya, it has been observed that the Kenya graduates from the Technical University of Mombasa are quite competent in their respective fields in Kenya. Although, it should be noted that the other institutions in Coast Kenya also offer quality education, they do not offer diversity of choice in courses. For example, if you want to study at the University of Nairobi, Mombasa Campus or Bandari Campus you can only pursue Bachelors of commerce, Law or Bachelor of Arts degree. So if you looking for a good university in Mombasa Kenya, you should first check out Technical University of Mombasa. I assure you that you will not get disappointed. 

It should be noted that most of the universities in Mombasa are located within Mombasa town centre. University of Nairobi in the coast of Kenya is best placed of all universities in Mombasa. University of Nairobi in Coast Kenya is located along Moi Avenue in Mombasa, just 20 meters from the famous Tusks. Along Moi Avenue in Mombasa, one Kilometre away is Moi University in Coast region of Kenya. Kenyatta University in Coast region of Kenya is located along Nkrumah Road in Mombasa just next to the Central Bank of Kenya. Kenyatta University is another centrally positioned institution. 

The Technical University of Mombasa in the coastal region of Kenya is a bit far, a few kilometres from Mombasa town centre. Technical University of Mombasa is 100 meters from Tudor town in Mombasa region of Kenya. I must say this location of Technical University of Mombasa increases the serene atmosphere for reading. It should also be noted that all hostels in Mombasa are located around Mombasa town centre and your institution of choice in the coastal region of Kenya will advice you accordingly concerning accommodation. Hence, accommodation of students in Mombasa region of Kenya is in hostels that are safe in Mombasa town in Kenya.

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