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The Kenyan Keroche Breweries beyond Business Initiative: Keroche Foundation

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In Kenya, a lot of people are mostly use alcohol which have very many varieties and from different brewing companies who are majorly from outside the country. Many of Kenyans use the liquors which are mostly beers but do not ask why their country cannot have their own brewing companies. In this line of thought, the owner and owners of Keroche Breweries once used this concepts and used all their knowledge to develop the nowadays one of the most common brewing company, Keroche Breweries.

Keroche Breweries is a Kenyan owned brewing company which was established few years back but has been able to produce high quality and healthy natural and sugar free beer hence causing its rapid growth in Kenya. So far, the brewing company has been able to produce Summit Lager and Summit Malt brands as well as Crescent Triple Distilled Vodka and the new Viena ice lemon twist.

Keroche Breweries has a lot of core values and environmental policies which they step by step follow in their time in the business environment. They ensure that the drinks standards are of high quality, value the customers professionalism, respect, equality quality statement and all the hygiene policy. They ensure production of high quality and healthy alcoholic products based on customers’ preference in line with all set legal framework, enhancing consistence to guarantee compliance with the prescribed safety standards. They facilitate a hygienic atmosphere in food production for outmost safe products which are safe for human consumption. The environmental policies that they follow tend to protect the damage of the environment due to their activities. They ensure that they minimize any detrimental impacts to the environment due to their activities. Also through their environmental policies, Keroche Breweries rationalize the use of natural resources such as water and energy.

Minimum requirements for application of the Keroche Foundation initiative:

Keroche breweries through their business have recently launched an initiative in which it will offer sponsorships to the needy children to ensure that they have access to education in order to brighten their futures and the future of the country. Keroche breweries through their beyond business initiative, Keroche Foundation, they will see off 20 top bright students from poor backgrounds in Naivasha through the whole of their four year high school education.

The qualified students should apply for the scholarships by downloading application forms from their website at www.kerochebreweries.com or they can be collected from the DEO’s office or from the Headteacher’s offices of the respective schools. The company will take care of all the expenses including personal and Schools fees. The requirements for the successful application is that;

The applicants should be from Naivasha and had sat KCPE in Naivasha. They should be bright and needy students who were ranked the best twenty and they must be admitted to either a National or a provincial school. The applicants who meet the criteria would be successful and will therefore despite of been from a poor background, will access the high school education they require for their brighter future.

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