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The Best language Colleges in Nairobi

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Alliance Francaise, the college prepares French language experts; the college offers certificate and diploma in French language, the official address is P. O Box 45475- 00100 Nairobi, Telephone number: 020 340054. Prestige Global language, the college offers various courses in different languages including, Italian language, French language, Japanese language and English language. It is located in Kampus towers 2nd floor along university way, the address of the college is P.O Box 55064 00200 Nairobi. Telephone number is: 020 3592703 or 0726 736 591, email: [email protected].

Goethe Institute Nairobi, the college is located in Maendeleo house first floor, it offers language courses of English language, Chinese language, Germany language and Italian language. The official address: P. O Box 49468 00100 Nairobi, email: [email protected]. Bonjour Institute is a language college located along Koinange street in Uniafric House, 2nd floor. There are various language courses offered in this college including English language, French language, Kiswahili language, Chinese language, Italian language and Spanish language.

Language Connections College, this college is located in Kenda House 4th floor along Tom Mboya Street; the official address is P. O Box 59442 00200, Nairobi. Telephone: 020 2229031. The college offers Certificate in language courses; Arabic course, English language course, French language course, Germany language course, Italian language course, Kiswahili language course, Japanese language course and Chinese language course. Confucius college Nairobi, the college offers proficiency certificates in Chinese language, Italian language, French language, English language and Spanish language.

Kenya Institute of Foreign languages, the college is located along Tom Mboya street in Kenda house 4th floor, the college address: P. O Box 1776 0 0100 Nairobi, Telephone number: 0710 462 063. The language certificate courses offered in the college include: Chinese language, English language, French language, Germany language course, Japanese language course. Germany Training college Nairobi, the college is located in Equity Bank House 3rd floor, Telephone number: +254 733 551250. The college offers courses in, Hospitality, French, Germany, Computer, Tours and Travel.

Learning a foreign language has several benefits; it is very important especially for business people in this era of globalization, language must be used in creating awareness, and agreements of the transaction. As a Kenyan citizen you will be forced to learn Chinese language if you are trading with them. You will learn and other cultures and improves your communication expertise, if you want to go for further studies in Germany it will be advisable for you to learn Germany language and your stay there will be good.

Learning a new language will boost your curriculum vitae for bigger job opportunities and add the value of your service delivery. Knowledge in another language brings enjoyment in your interaction with others, it improves level of literacy and increases one confidence. The academic performance is increased. Travelling abroad is live opportunity, learning a new language can open up doors for you. It develops a richer vocabulary which brings efficiency in writing in talking efficiency. Once in you are in a new country you will feel connected to the culture and also listen to music message and follow their movies and entertainment sessions. Constant memorization or the words strengthens your brain muscles hence improving your memorization and literacy.

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