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Special Education Schools in Kenya

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Kenya institute of special education, the institute is a government agency which trains students who want to serve in the sector of special education, conducting a comprehensive training to all the personnel working in the management sector of special education institutions, running an assessment center for teachers to confirm if they are both educationally and psychologically ready for teaching children with special needs. The institute runs a preschool department for the purpose of preparing the teachers practically. The teachers are prepared professionally and to be conscious in the success of the students and to give their services with respect and empathy.

Rev. Muhoro Secondary school for the deaf, the school offers 8.4.4 system, it is a mixed school which has been operating since 1988 and it is a national school for both boys and boys with special needs. The school maintains Christianity morals since it is founded under P.C.E.A church. The school admits students from Eastern Africa. The school focuses on preparing students with special needs to gain independency in their life.

P.C.E.A Kambui School for the deaf, this is a vocational training center for deaf students and it is large and has boarding facilities for the students. The vocational training offers several courses including tailoring, knitting, hair dressing, carpentry courses and metal work. Primary students do computer application in the afternoon to boost their computer skills.

St Lucy’s School for the blind, the school is located in Meru near Mount Kenya, it is a boarding school meant for visually impaired students. The teachers are dedicated in delivering their services professionally. The vocational courses include sewing and knitting for the ladies and leather craft and shoe making for the men. There is a big computer library which is accessible to all the students.

Thika School for the Blind, it is large boarding school for visually impaired students, the school has a large compound taking care of all the students needs. The school offers all the courses to assist the students gain their independency. All the teachers and staff are professionally trained to deliver their duties with ethics and they have unconditional love for children.

Kibos School for the Blind, the school is located in Bungoma district, it has a mission of creating the appropriate learning conditions for the blind children and the students are helped to have a certificate and a foundation to build their independence despite their visual disability. Most students are from poor background and others have been abandoned due to their disability, the school has been depending on well wishers including ministry of Education. The school has been participating in sports; it had two of its students participate in Turkey during the International Paralympics in Turkey. The school has been producing competent professionals nationally and internationally.

Pwani School for the Mentally Challenged, the school is mixed day and boarding, it is located near Nyali on a land allocated by the government, the school admits students from all ranks from 6 years to 24 years. The school is large and the population increases each year, the teachers are experts in this field and very caring.

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