Sigalagala Technical Training Institute Town Campus Programmes

by Lotela Paul  - February 27, 2022


Sigalagala Technical Training Institute is one of the oldest technical schools  in kenya that was started in 1924.It is located at Sigalagala; along Kakamega –Butere road about 12 kilometers from Kakamega. The institute is mandated to provide quality Technical Training in science, engineering and Technology as well as fostering applied research and community outreach for sustainable and innovative development. The institution aims to achieve its mission by embracing transparency, accountability, integrity, teamwork, excellence, respect of human rights and gender sensitivity, professionalism, creativity, and innovation.

SIgalagala Technical Training institute partners with Kenya National examination Council, Kenya Institute of Education, Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National Examination Board, Kenya Teachers Commission, Kenya Institute of Special Education and the Ministry of Education. The institute has its campus in Kakamega Town at Mwalimu Center 3rd floor where various certificate and diploma courses are offered.

Diploma Courses Offered at Sigalagala Training Institute-Kakamega town campus

a)      Secretarial management

b)      Transport and system

c)      CICT

d)      Human Resource Management

e)      Information studies

f)       Community dev. & social work

g)      Early Childhood education

h)      Accountancy

i)        Business management module I

j)        Business management module II

k)      Business administration

l)        DICT module I

m)   DICT module II

n)      Project Planning

o)      Human Resources management module I

p)      Human resources Management Module II

q)      Supply Chain Management Module I

r)       Supply Chain Management Module II





Certificate Courses Offered at Sigalagala Training Institute-Kakamega town campus


a)      Community dev. & social work.

b)      Business management Module I

c)      Business management module II

d)      Cooperative Management

e)      Human Resources Management Module I

f)       Human Resources management Module II

g)      Sales and marketing module I

h)      Sales and Marketing Module II

i)        Supplies and Procurement Module I

j)        Supplies and Procurement Module II

k)      Information studies Module I

l)        Information studies Module II

m)   Project Planning Management

n)      ICTT level I

o)      ICTT level II

p)      Computer Application Packages

q)      CPA 1 & 2

r)       Secretarial Studies

s)       ECDE

t)       Proficiency certificate

u)      Certificate in Information Technology

v)      Plumbing Craft

w)    Government trade test

x)      Plumbing artisan



For more information contact the institution through:

Address: P.O Box 2966-50100 Kakamega.

Tel: 020-2395667

Email: [email protected]






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