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Services offered by the UAP insurance company in Kenya

services offered by the uap insurance company in kenya 1


Kenyans are most concerned about their lives in their day-to-day basis. They therefore ensure that they have all the protection they have to avoid any constraints or accidents that may be caused by various circumstances. Parents also ensure that they protect their children from the evils of the society such as terrorism. This is the most dangerous deed that most Kenyans fear as it has become very rampant in the country.

Other accidents may be caused in the roads which bring along a lot of losses to the people involved in the accidents. However, there are companies which have ensured that apart from protection of lives, they also provide compensation to the losses caused by the accidents. These are insurance companies in which people register and pay for premiums monthly to ensure that them and their loved ones are protected and compensated from loses they incur.

UAP insurance company is one of the companies which provides the insurance services to Kenyans. They ensure that the people are safe as they provide a lot and variety of insurance policies to Kenyans making them to choose the best policy that suits their needs. Other services that they offer apart from insurance include investment management of their clients, Property investment where they can fund their clients with funds to invest in property and financial advisory. As a company providing insurance services as the main services, their aim is to enhance the quality of life by delivering peace of mind and financial freedom through an exceptionally motivated team that delivers what the customers want- when and where they want it.

UAP insurance company ensure that they build a life-long relationship and they do what they say and say what they do. They also have the highly motivated team and they are pleasured to serve their clients with the best of their activities. This company offer different products to their customers to ensure that they are comfortable to be insured by this company. They provide individual and business insurance products as follows;

i)                    Individual products such as general insurance products which involve Crop insurance, livestock insurance, private motor insurance, motor commercial insurance and domestic insurance. Also through the individual area, they offer the health insurance policy which they deliver a comprehensive medical insurance for the medical needs of the clients.

ii)                   Business products where UAP insurance has a wide variety of general insurance products to cater for the various insurance needs of the different market segments. They offer different insurance policies due to the variety of the business mode of operations. They also offer the health insurance policy products to the business people in which the maxima has been developed to close the gap in the health insurance needs of the Kenyan population.

UAP insurance also offer online insurance services in which the people can apply and acquire the policies online. There are different types of the online services actually in form of apps that they offer and they include the AfyaImara web app, AfyaImara Mobile and the UAP travelsure Premium calculator. The AfyaImara web app is meant for the senior people and the elderly who should enjoy their retirement by insure themselves from pre-existing chronic conditions on full disclosure at the time of joining. On the other hand, UAP Travelsure Premium calculator is yet another service that is offered online by UAP which compensate the client with the amount of money they had paid or booked a travel suite and unfortunately, they do not make it to travel.

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