Services Offered By Murang’a University College Library

by Lotela Paul  - March 28, 2022

In the universities or in any institution of learning, the library is one of the major resource center that should be available for the services of all the students, learners and teaching staff in that particular institution. Many learners will use the library in trying to research on different type of educative materials, resources and all other types of study that they may want to conduct in the library. The library should therefore be equipped by all the materials that the learners need from books of different subjects and levels, various research tools and equipment as well as other material that will facilitate in the smooth learning, teaching and research procedures.

Murang’a University college is therefore one of the universities in Kenya which is located in the central part of Kenya but their students population cuts across the 47 counties of Kenya as they admits students from all the country. As an institution of learning and research, they have established a world-class library that ensure that the students can be able to learn and research for their varied research topics comfortably without straining for the reading materials.

Murang’a University College Library is an ultra-modern library offering in one central location, all resources necessary to support teaching, learning and research, making the library the intellectual hub of the institution as well as to the people within the environs of Murang’a University College. The library promotes and maintain a variety of quality services that will support the programmes of the university college and encourage optimal use of the information resources.

At the library of Murang’a University College, they try to ensure that they provide scholarly information resources that support teaching, learning and research as the personnel value the users regardless of their level of their expertise. Through their services, they ensure that the services that are offered are of the highest quality possible and make the most efficient use of the scarce resource as they plan for the challenges which will confront their services in the future. The library at Murang’a University College hope to provide up-to-date information for teaching staff, researchers and students, manage the library resources efficiently, develop the collaborative culture between the schools and the library as well as enhance library facilities for improved information services.

Admission Procedure for the use of the Library

For the use of the library resources and materials, the interested students should ensure that they are registered to the library service and the registration process require a completed registration form obtained from the circulation librarian. After the completion of the form, the applicant must sign the declaration to abide by regulations as well as ensure that their contact details given on the registration form is up-to-date and correct.

After the registration process, the applicants can access the library resources without no charges. However, non-members of the university even if registered, are required to produce a recommendation letter from the local chief or employer and this should be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of Ksh 50 per day.

Book Borrowing Regulations

In order to borrow a book from this library, the right is accorded to the registered members only and certain materials such as newspapers cannot be borrowed for use outside the library. Other regulation involved in the borrowing of reading materials from the library are that no library item should be taken out of the library unless it is officially issued, the user name whose the material is under shall be solely responsible for the return of the material, the information resources which are not available in the library may be obtained through the inter-library loan once requests are made to the circulation librarian, all the students may borrow 3 books, teaching staff 4 and the non-teaching staff can borrow at most 3 books and a member who loses a University ID card cannot be served or gain entry to the library unless on presentation of the valid documentation to support the loss.


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