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Scholarships And Financial Aid Programmes Offered By Daystar University

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Universities is Kenya have been on the rise in their development and admission due to the high demand that the students and learners pose. University education has been able to be accessed by many people even from the rural areas as the established institutions open up branches and constituent college to ensure that they bring access to education closer to the society. This therefore has ensured that the learners can be able to enjoy the education without constraints or additional costs of transport to the institutions based in the popular Kenyan towns.

On the other hand, the education standards as they advance bring along additional costs and charges. Due to the condition of the Kenyan economy, the cost of education has been on the hike as there are a lot of expenses accompanied by education. This has therefore caused a lot of learners to lack education access due to the lack of funds. However several institutions have put this into consideration and have sorted to offer various financial assistance to students based on various criteria.

Most of these financial aids are meant to students who are bright and needy and are able to accomplish various sets of criteria. Daystar University been a private university, is recognized as the best private university that offer the best Mass Communication and Journalism Programmes and have various financial aids to assist the needy students within this university. To be able to offer best educational services, they have other services that they offer to their students and staff which include healthcare services, transport services through their university buses, food services as well as bookshop service.

Daystar University financial aids that they provide to their students are majorly dwelt in motivating them in the educational roles and ensure that they follow the best criteria in the selection of their successful applicants of the financial assistance to the students. They also ensure that the application is biased-free and that what the students get in form of assistance in what they deserve based on their efforts.

The financial aid programmes by Daystar University awards at least Ksh 30 million each year to assist approximately 300 students through a variety of scholarships and other financial aid. The eligibility and application process varies depending on the kind of scholarship as there is a broad range of programmes to cater for a wider range of applicants. Some of the available scholarship are need based while other are based on academic merit and they can be offered in full and partial scholarships which are administered every academic year. The various scholarships and financial aid programmes include;

Daystar Family and Daystar Sunday Partial Scholarship which is offered once every semester and aimed at helping to bridge gaps during the registration or before examination, Book Award which is available annually to 6 students who have the highest GPA in their respective year of study, Selected Scholarship which is intended to covers 75% of the tuition costs and the beneficiaries are re- evaluated annually as well as Hardship Scholarship offered to students who cannot afford to sustain themselves in Daystar even with the 75% scholarship, thus are given a full scholarship.

Other programmes to help the needy in this university include Daystar Hero Scholarship which is offered when a student experiences an emergency or a crisis, First Year Scholarship which is offered to students who have a mean score of A- and above and have been admitted to Daystar University, Recommended scholarship which is initiated by the donor who then gives full or partial support, International Scholarship available to international students who have already applied to join Daystar University as well as Work-study which is a financial aid programme where the students can earn up to more than Ksh 40,000 in each of the main semesters on a need basis and they work 10 hours per week.


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