Rural-urban Migration In Kenya

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Rural-urban migration generally refers to the movement of people from one region basically the rural areas to the urban areas/towns. This has been a major problem and issue in Kenya as there has been a drastic increase in population in the urban areas / towns.

Better living standards is one of the key reasons that have contributed to an increased number of rural –urban migration, as people migrate from the rural areas expecting an improvement in their living standards. This is where they may leave their current paying jobs in the rural areas with the hope that they may end up finding higher paying ones.

Employment is one of the major key factors that contribute to the rural-urban migration. This is where people migrate from the rural areas with the hope of gaining employment in the urban areas such as towns. It is commonly believed that the best jobs are found in urban areas only for the migrants to discover that many jobs are occupied hence, end in joblessness.

Insecurity, natural disasters and food shortage are also one of the reasons as to why people will migrate to the urban areas so as to seek protection, medical aid and food during the tough times as urban areas are known to have the best medical facilities as compared to the rural areas.

The search for better opportunities and experience is inviting to the folks in the rural areas, as many migrate in the hope of acquiring new ideas and experiences. For instance, energy is easily reached in towns than in the rural areas.

Social stereotyping is also one factor that contributes to the rural urban migration. This is where people in the rural areas are undermined by their counterparts in the urban areas hence, this makes them feel undermined resulting to their migration eventually.

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