Public Universities Offering Bachelor Of Science In Geology In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - April 19, 2022

Public universities have been set up all over Kenya offering a variety of academic programmes to ensure that education brighten the future. In these higher learning institutions, the students are offered the best facilities for their best experience in the learning process and providing them with the best learning environment. Universities in Kenya therefore ensure that their students are given the best chance to acquire the necessary knowledge that is required in the job market.

Most of these universities have been accredited to offer specific courses that they have the best facilities to handle the educational needs of the different academic programmes. The best universities in Kenya that are equipped with the best facilities to offer Bachelor of Science in Geology in Kenya are various in Kenya and include;

University of Nairobi

This is the largest university in Kenya that is very developed with the most of the best facilities that helps in educational needs. This university has established a department of geology which host all the students of geology. The programme is offered within a period of four academic years where the students should have covered a total of 52 course units. The minimum entry requirements for the admission of the course include:

Candidates must have attained the minimum University of Nairobi and School of Physical Sciences entry requirements. In the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), the candidate should have a mean grade of C+ or equivalent, with passes in at least three subjects from either of the following; Minimum grades of C+ in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geography or Minimum grades of C+ in Mathematics, Biology, Geography  and B- in Physical Sciences. Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE), or equivalent qualifications, with at least two Principal level passes in: Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics. Holders of KCSE mean grade of C plain or equivalent plus a Certificate and Diploma in a relevant field from an institution recognized by the senate. Ordinary/Higher National Diploma, or equivalent qualifications in the sciences with at least a pass. Science/Technical Diploma from Teacher Training Colleges, or equivalent in sciences with at least a pass. A science/technology degree from an institution recognized by the senate, or equivalent qualifications.

South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU)

This is another public university located in the eastern part of Kenya. It has been able to acquire facilities that will ensure that the students’ educational needs are fully met. The university offers this undergraduate course in full-time mode in a period of four academic years. The minimum requirements that the university require for the successful enrollment of the course include KCSE mean grade in C+ (plus) or equivalent qualifications with at least C+ (Plus) passes in either three subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Mathematics or at least C+ (Plus) in Mathematics and B- (Minus) in Physical Sciences OR KCSE mean grade C (Plain) or equivalent and a Diploma with credit pass or above. The tuition fee require is Ksh 84,000 per semester.




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