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Programs Offered At Kenya National Youth Service (NYS)

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 National Youth Service(NYS)was established in 1973 and was re-launched in 1995 after a 12 year break amidst major concerns about the high level of youth unemployment,academic under-achievement,lack of training opportunities for the young people and their escalating trend towards anti-social behavior.The organization aims at equipping youths with the necessary life coping skills to foster their personal and career development as well as to enhance their contribution to community and national development.

Objectives of the National Youth Service include:

-To train youths within 17-24 years of age to cohort in practical services to serve as entry level staff in public and private sector organization.

-To train and develop staff in the requisite skills and competencies with view to enhance the process of contemporary management of programme delivery.

-To provide participants with employability skills training needed to function in the world of work.

-To develop public and private sector partnerships in order to expand the reach of the Natuonal Youth Service.

-To build and maintain robust relationships with the communities.

-To strengthen collaborative efforts between and among existing partners.

National Youth Service has committed its resources to the personal and professional development of youth.Through its diverse programmes offerings,the organization train Corps of young people as support personnel for schools,health facilities,business entities,the uninformed organization and other public and private sector entities.Programmes offered by National Youth Service include;

The Corps Programmes

It combines training in specific career skills,re-socialization and work experience to develop positive attitudes and values among participants in the areas of self,workplace,community and national as well as provide opportunities and orientation for their entrance into the labour force.Through the Corps program,NYS is able to influence young people via emphasis on behavior modification,volunteerism/patriotism,career development.NYS corps participants are rated highly for their discipline,respect for authority,punctuality and their willingness and ability to follow instructions,take initiative and work on teams cross-function.

Corps programmes include:

-Early Childhood Education(ECD)

-Teacher’s Aides

-Health Promotion Facilitators

-Clerical Administration

-Environmental Aides

– Sales and Administration

-Customer care                                                  

The National Summer Programmes

Its annual programme that provides work experience to over 4,000 youths island-wide during the summer holiday.

The Financial Assistance Programme

The NYS has been training participants for over four decades and has accommodated participants possessing CXCs on both extremes.Financial assistance is offered to participants of Corps programmes who are seeking for finance to completevtheir tertiary education.

NYS Graduate Work Experience Programme(GWEP)

This programme Was launched in May 2014 by the ministry of Youth and Culture to provide college graduates with the necessary work experience to increase their chances of finding employment.

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