Professional Courses Offered By Friends College Kaimosi

by Lotela Paul  - May 9, 2022

Kenya is one of the country which has been able to develop their educational sector to the best of their ability. This is because of the available resources that they can be able to mobilize for the better future of the country. It is in Kenya that resources was to be set up for the provision of laptops to children. This was meant for the development of the educational sector to be even wider and more sophisticated as the educational sector was to be combined with and linked with the technological advancement.

All this is done to ensure the best educational materials and techniques are delivered to the students and to the general public for the better future of the country. Through this also, many institutions of especially higher learning have been established to provide for the professional courses for the development of successful careers after the completion of their high school education. Friends College Kaimosi have been established in line with the development of education in the country.

Friends College Kaimosi is situated in the popular town of Kaimosi in the western province to provide education to the residents and students from the areas and beyond. The college was established to provide different academic programmes which help the students develop successful careers. They offer craft courses, certificate courses as well as Diploma courses to the students who qualify their admission criteria.

Friends College Kaimosi offer the craft courses to its students in the different areas of expertize which offer the best skills that the students need and require for the better competition in the job market. The courses that they offer include Bakery and Pastry, Computer System Applications, Food and Beverage Production, Food Technology, Information Studies, Science Laboratory Technology, Secretarial Studies, Social Work and Community Development as well as Supplies Management. They offer training and required field study to ensure that the students have the practical picture of the job market and to access if the students can apply the skills they are taught in real-life application.

The college also offer certificate courses in various fields of expertise that the students are interested in. the courses ensure that the students have more details in the specific areas. The courses offered in the range of certificate include:- Business Management, Clothing and Textile Technology, Computer Packages, Computer Repair and Maintenance, Computer Reservation System, Computer System and Application Packages and Culinary arts. The certificate courses also offered under other different departments include Electrical installation, Food and Beverage Production, Food Technology, Human Resource Management, Information Studies, Science Laboratory Technology, Supplies Chain Management as well as a certificate course in Secretarial Studies.

Due to the high demand of more skills and knowledge in the market, Friend College Kaimosi offer Diploma Courses which gives the detailed skills in the specific areas. They offer Diploma courses in groups and the diploma courses are Accountancy, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Biology, Applied Statistics, ATC I, II , Business Administration, Business Management, Catering and accommodation Management, Community Development, Construction Engineering, Computer Studies, CPA I and II, Human Resource Management, Information Communication Technology, Sales and Marketing as well as a Diploma course in Supplies Management.

For any enquiries on how to enroll for the different courses offered by Friends College Kaimosi College or for any other general enquiries about the college, you can contact the principal through +254 735 818311, +254 729 530709, +254 733 862878 or +254 722 890891. They can be contacted through their email at [email protected] or through their website at

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