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Pan Africa Insurance Company In Kenya: Offering Education Insurance Cover Policy For Your Child In Kenya

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With the high cost of living in Kenya and the uncertainties tomorrow hold, we have the duty and responsibility of planning and ensuring that our children have a better future. With this, we cannot afford the luxury of procrastinating having education insurance in Kenya in such a way there are no worries of tomorrow. FlexiEducator in Kenya is an insurance policy designed and availed by Pan Africa Insurance Company in Kenya, to help save for your Childs education in Kenya. The FlexiEducator insurance plan in Kenya cushion against the effects of disastrous unforeseen circumstances.

How FlexiEducator Insurance Policy works in Kenya

FlexiEducator insurance policy in Kenya is based on the term chosen, and the Child`s projected education needs in Kenya, ensuring that the savings grow at a guaranteed rate of 2% percent premium. This insurance cover in Kenya is designed in a way that is convenient and considerably cheaper than choosing to pay when your child is already grown up. Payment contributions of FlexiEducator Insurance Policy in Kenya are paid from as little as Ksh 2,500 monthly. The Flexi educator policy in Kenya is also accompanied by accidental death and personal accident cover in Kenya. The compulsory benefit, in the event of death of parent or guardian, the premium for FlexiEducator Insurance Policy cover can be as low as Ksh 100 for Ksh 200,000 cover. Other benefits of the FlexiEducator Insurance Policy in Kenya include the insurance life cover for the parent, which caters for the financial needs of the child in case of accidental demise of the parent/guardian.

How to get covered by FlexiEducator Insurance Policy in Kenya

To get covered on the FlexiEducator insurance cover in Kenya, you will have to visit the Pan Africa Insurance Offices in Kenya. At the Pan African Insurance offices in Kenya, an insurance agent in Kenya will assist you as a parent in showing you the availability of the different types of FlexiEducator policies in Kenya. As a parent wishing to insure your child`s education in Kenya, you will be shown the insurance policy best suiting the needs of the child and still be affordable to you as a parent.

Location of Pan Africa Insurance Company Offices in Kenya

To get the education insurance policy in Kenya, parents/guardians visit the Main Pan Africa Insurance Company in Nairobi city centre. Pan Africa Insurance Company offices in Nairobi are on Pan Africa Life House located along Kenyatta Avenue. You can contact Pan Africa Insurance Company on telephone number 020-2247600 or through Pan Africa Insurance Company email address at [email protected].

Other Pan Africa Insurance branches in Nairobi are located at the Nairobi Mega and in Westlands. Pan Africa Insurance branch Nairobi Mega is in Uniafric House along Koinange Street. The Pan Africa Insurance Company branch located along Koinange Street in Nairobi can be contacted through via telephone number 020-2210680 or via email at [email protected]. There is another Pan Africa Insurance branch in Westlands office at Whitefield Place and can be contacted on telephone number 020-2349678 or via email address at [email protected].

Other Pan Africa Insurance branches in Kenya include the Pan Africa Insurance Mombasa branch located in Mombasa office on TSS Tower along Nkurumah Road in Mombasa town in Kenya. The Pan Africa Insurance branch in Mombasa can be contacted on telephone number 040-2223316 or via email at [email protected]. Pan Africa Insurance Eldoret branch in Kenya is located at KVDA Plaza on Oloo UtaliI Street in Eldoret. The Pan Africa Insurance Eldoret branch can be contacted on telephone number 053-2061447 or via email at [email protected]. Pan Africa Insurance branch in Kisumu is located at Al-Imran Plaza on Oginga Odinga Road and can be contacted on telephone number 057-2020780 or via email at [email protected].

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