Open and Distant Learning-The eCampus of Maseno University

by Laura Wanjiru  - October 30, 2022


The world is rapidly growing in technology and communication sector from analog to digitalized world.Maseno University has realized the technological advancement and is indeed in the lead of pioneering the use of modern technologies to not only realize equitable access to higher education through eLearning but also improve the quality of educational experience to its learners.The eCampus of Maseno university is one of the latest innovations made by Maseno University and was launched in September 2011 to facilitate online delivery of high quality certificate,diploma and degree programmes to distant learners in various parts of the country,the East African region and beyond.The eCampus is modeled around a web-based Learning Management System(LMS),electronic community and administrative centres for students and faculty.All programmes offered at the eCampus are primarily delivered through the internet/online with support materials provided on CD/DVD-ROM and print,with students taking sit-in on campus examinations at the end of each semester.The eCampus of Maseno University invites applicants who are suitably qualified candidates for certificate,diploma and degree programmes offered through eLearning.The eCampus gives candidates the opportunity to go after their dream courses at the same time keeping their jobs as well as being with their families and doing their daily activities.It quite good experience that requires self-discipline and good time management.

How to register and access learning materials in ecampus

For one to register for a course unit must log in using student portal username and password then follow the following procedure;

1.Select enroll for a course

2.Select category either PhD for Doctorate students,graduate for postgraduate students or undergraduate for Bachelor’s and Dilpoma students

3.Select academic program

4.Register for course units under the academic programmes by selecting icon next to the course title

To access learning materials one has to;

1.Log in

2.Select a course

3.Select document to access handouts

4.Select assignment to check or upload assignments

5.Select forum to have online discussion on a given topic with group members

6.Select chat to have real time discussions on a given topic with other students onlin

The eCampus has brought forth eStudents who are valuing the skills they acquire more than knowledge of the education they are equipped with.

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