Nkabune Technical Training Institute -Certificate and Diploma Programs

by Laura Wanjiru  - December 2, 2022


Nkabune is a public technical training institute in Kenya. It is located at Nkabune in Meru county. It was established in 1964 by the Consolata sisters with the main objective of training workers and clerks. It was started on the land that used to be a Commercial Girls Institute. The institute is mandated to provide training of in various courses so as to equip the Kenya population with skills and knowledge which help promote self-reliance and creation of job opportunities.

The instiutute provides quality education by ensuring effectiveness, efficacy, accountability and timely services are provided to its customers thereby producing intellectuals in that fit in various working environments. Both certificate and diploma courses are offered at Nkabune technical Training institute.

Diploma Courses include:

a)      CISCO certification

b)      CPA I,II &II

c)      Diploma in Business Administration

d)      Diploma in Business management

e)      Diploma in Clothing Technology

f)       Diploma in Food and beverage Management

g)      Diploma in catering and accommodation management

h)      Diploma in Human resources management

i)        Diploma in computerized secretarial studies

j)        Diploma in Information science

k)      Diploma in Information technology

l)        Diploma in marketing

m)   Diploma in Supply chain management

n)      Diploma in KATC I, II final.

o)      Diploma in social work and community development

p)      Diploma in Tourism


Certificate courses

a)      Certificate in food and beverage production

b)      Certificate in human resources management

c)      Certificate in Business administration

d)      Certificate in Garment making , fashion and design

e)      Certificate in Computerized secretarial studies

f)       Certificate in Social work and community development

g)      Certificate in motor Vehicle Mechanics

h)      Certificate in secretarial studies

i)        Certificate in sales and Marketing.

For more information visit www.nkabunetti.ac.ke


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