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Nile Road Special School In Nairobi: Providing Specialized Treatment For Children With Physical And Mental Disorders In Kenya

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The birth of a child in Kenya is usually met with celebrations and jubilations. A child in Kenya is viewed as a gift in many Kenyan cultures and is welcomed with open arms within a family unit where they will be loved and cherished. However at times the birth of a child with special needs in Kenya is met with shock as many people do not know how to deal with the unexpected cares that comes with the unique special attention the special child. Most of the children with special needs in Kenya have restricted non-verbal style of communication that is characterized by small bouts of verbal communication that is normally repetitive in nature. As dealing with the changes is out of norm, the child with special needs in Kenya is usually rejected and the family faces many challenges without knowing where to get help from. Nile road special school in Kenya is a school where families with children with special needs in Kenya can get help.

Programs Offered in Nile Road Special School in Nairobi

Nile Road Special School in Kenya is a school that specializes in the care of children who have physical infirmities in Kenya and children who are mentally challenged in Kenya because of an abnormality in neural development, making it difficult for the child with special needs in Kenya to make social interactions. The Nile Road Special School in Kenya is located in Nairobi Eastlands area. Nile Road Special School in Nairobi is located on Nile Road off Jogoo Road in Nairobi Eastlands area. The services offered in Nile Road Special School in Kenya include practical ways in which management of the deficits associated with physical and mental disorders in Kenya can be lessened hence enabling the child with special needs in Kenya to live a measurable high level quality of life as they are able to function independently.

The intensive special education program in Kenya offered within Nile Road Special School in Kenya includes; applied behavior analysis (ABA), structured teachings, development models to enhance intellectual development of the brain, social skills of interacting with others, speech and language therapy to help them improve in their verbal communication, and occupational therapy that enables them to learn practical skills that can help them earn a living. The combinations of the programs within the Nile Road Special School in Nairobi helps improve the intellectual performance especially in young children hence they make modest improvement in speech and behavior as a whole. To get to Nile Road Special School in Kenya from Nairobi city, you board matatu to Jogoo Road from the stage along Ronald Ngala Street plying Umoja and Bururburu estates in Nairobi. 

Other Special Schools for Challenged Children in Kenya

Other schools in Kenya that specializes in offering intensive child care  in Kenya and schooling of special children in Kenya include; Dagoretti special school in Nairobi, Karen technical training institute in Nairobi, Karatina special school for the mentally handicapped in Karatina town in Kenya, Homabay childrens’ home academy in Kenya, Mathare special training centre in Kenya, Mombasa secondary school for the physically handicapped in Coast Kenya, Oshwal Jain primary school in Kenya, The Salvation Army Thika School in Thika town in Kenya and the Bright Hill special school and assessment centre in Kenya.

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