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Nairobi University Bachelor Degree in dental science Admission Criteria

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One career that is never out of business and viewed at lucrative is that of a dentist. Due to the amount of skill and technology required it’s always advisable to have high quality training. Nairobi University is a public university that offers the required training in the form of Bachelor degree in dentistry in serene environment that is ideal for learning. Students who enroll who for the course are subjected to various departments that include;

  • Conservative and prosthetic Dentistry
  • Oral /maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine/pathology, oral maxillofacial radiology
  • Paedriatic /densitry and orthodontics
  • Periodontrology/community and preventative densitry

Admission criteria

As the training and skill required is above average, Nairobi university have a set requirement standards that n individual has to meet for enrollment. They include;

  • KCSE (Mean C+) and C+ passes in each of the four cluster subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Or any Group III, IV and V; or Advanced Level Certificate: Two principal passes in Mathematics and Physics with subsidiary pass in Chemistry.
  • Or an ordinary Diploma from a recognized institution with Credit Passes in the relevant subjects; specifically Kenya medical training institution
  • Higher National Diploma in dental science from a recognized institution with passes in relevant subjects; or
  • Technical/Science Diploma from a recognized institution with Credit Passes in Mathematics and Chemistry from a recognized institution; or degrees in bachelor in science from a recognized institution; or other appropriate technical qualification at degree level.
  • Individuals with professional certificates are also eligible for application

Fee structure and contact information

The fee structure for pursuing a bachelor degree in science, specialization department is around 470,000; the more detailed program is;

  • Year 1; Kshs.474,500
  • Year 2 ; Kshs.469,500
  • Year 3 ; Kshs.469,500
  • Year 4 ; Kshs.469,500 the whole course to a total kshs.1,883,000

The institution can be contacted by their official email address to the dean at PO box 19676-00200 Nairobi, school of dental sciences. They can also be contacted at Tel 2720322/ 7 ext 43673 or Fax number at 2720509. They can also be contacted at their official email address at [email protected].

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