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Medical Research Institution-The Kenya Medical and Research Institute(KEMRI)

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The Kenya Medical and Research Institute(KEMRI) is a medical research centre in East Africa and its headquarters are located in Kenya’s capital city,Nairobi and has branches in Kisumu and Mombasa. Kenya Medical and Research Institute was established in 1979 through Science and Technology Act.KEMRI is a multidisciplinary centre of specialized research capacity with all centres focusing on research under under four main programs namely:

                 -Infectious disease program

                 -Biotechnology and non-communicable diseases program

                 -Parastic diseases program

                 -Epidemiology and public health program

Kenya Medical and Research Institute has played a n important role in the fight against malaria,HIV/AIDS and other fatal diseases in Kenya and in Sub-saharan Africa.The institute also supports in training programme,Institute of Tropical Medicine run in collaboration with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) offering Masters and PhD in various biomedical science programme.Its also an institution that offers attachment and internships for medical students such as Medical Biotechnology students,Public health students,biochemistry students.

Researches done at Kenya Medical and Research Institute(KEMRI)

  • Centre for Biotechnology Research and Development(CBRD)

Its mandate is to develop Biotechnological innovations such as diagnostic kits,vaccines and associated delivery technology

2.Centre for Clinical Research(CCR) such as causes of diseases,signs and symptoms and coming up with treatment.

3.Centre for geographic Medicine and Research-Coast(CGMR-C)

4.Centre for Global Health Research(CGHR)

5.Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Control Research(CIPDCR)

6.Centre for Microbiology Research(CMR)

7.Centre for Public Health Research(CPHR)

8.Centre for Respiratory Diseases Research(CRDR)

9.Centre for Traditional Medicine and Drug Research(CTMDR)

10.Centre for Virus Research(CVR)

11.The Eastern and Southern Africa Centre for Internal Parasite Control Centre

12. Healthy safety and Environmental care

13.Production centre

14.Kenya Medical and Research Institute Graduate School of Health Sciences

Specialized Medical Equipments and Facilities found at Kenya Medical and Research Institute

1.Electron microscopy laboratory

2.Equiped molecular virology laboratories

3.Equiped microbiology laboratories

4.Parasitology laboratories and insectaries

5.Production Unit-This is a unique facility that provides opportunity for turning research output into products.




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