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maseno university bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences

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Maseno University Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with IT

     Maseno university,a public university is one of the universities offering degree course in pharmaceutical sciences in Kenya.This degree course is offered in the department of Biomedical Sciences and technology in the school of Public health and community development and its advantage added because its offered along with Information Technology(IT).Initially it was offered as combined course with other biomedical sciences i.e medical biotechnology and medical laboratory and students graduated with bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences but in 2011,the three were separated and each was offered as independent courses.The Bsc. in pharmaceutical sciences is a four year curriculum which begins with foundation of coursework in Mathematics and basic sciences;Chemistry,Biology and Physics.This inter-disciplinary program then progresses to advanced pharmaceutical sciences including aspects of drug design and synthesis,mechanisms of drug action,pharmacology and toxicology,dosage formulation,manufacturing,quality control and assurance,pharmaceutics,microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products,bacteriology,virology and regulatory compliance.Academic sessions are offered in two semesters which make up one academic year.


To provide students interested in the multidisplinary basic sciences that relate to drug discovery,development and commercialization with classroom and experimental education that spans pharmaceutical sciences and liberal arts thus imparting skills and knowledge that allow pursuit of diverse opportunities or related applications,research or professional /graduant education.

Objectives of the course

-Provide a well rounded undergraduate education with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical sciences.

-Intergrate knowledgewith aids on experience to enhance career path development.

Requirements for entry

Candidates interested to study Bachelor of science in Pharmaceutical sciences(BsPharm) in Maseno University shall have met the minimum entry requirements as stipulated in the university statutes.In addition the candidates should meet the following faculty requirements:

  • Applicants must have attained a KCSE meangrade of B(minus) its equivalent and passed in the subject cluster as indicated Biology B-(minus),Chemistry B-,Mathematics or Physics B-(minus) and English or Kiswahili B-(minus).
  • OR advanced level or equivalent with a minimum of two principal passes in Mathematics or Physics.
  • OR diploma in Pharmaceutical science candidates have passed with a credit and above plus meangrade of C(plain) in KCSE or equivalent or relevant health related medical course from a recognized institution.


Continous assessment tests(CAT) comprising of practicals,assignments and written assessments making up 30% and end of semester examination comprising 70%.The minimum pass mark for each paper is 40% below which the student has to resit for the paper.The legend is as follows; A(70%-100%),B(60%-69%),C(50%-59%),D-Pass(40%-49%) and below 40% is a fail.

Experimental opportunities

The BsPharm program encourages practical experience through internships and industrial attachments in pharmaceutical industries,government agencies and research laboratories.Mostly these attachments are encouraged by the program curriculum in third year of study.Numerous undergraduate research opportunities are available in department of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology and industrial and physical pharmacy.

Career paths

The carrier path opportunity with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences include entry-level technical positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry,graduate education in pharmacy,medical and basic sciences.The students should be registered with Pharmacy and Poisons Board(PPB) to permit them work with any pharmaceutical field.

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