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Location Of St. Andrews Turi School In Kenya- The Most Expensive School In Kenya

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St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya is one of the few schools in Kenya that teach based on the British curriculum. The St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya is an international school in Kenya and it is a multicultural school located in the heart of the Rift Valley in Kenya.

St Andrews School Turi in Rift Valley part of Kenya was started in the early 20th Century by the Leverts. The St. Andrews Turi school was ran by Peter and Jean Lavets. The St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya however was reduced to ashes by an accidental fire, in 1944 but it was able to come back to its feet thanks to some Italian masons who reconstructed the school. The artisans of St. Andrews Turi in Kenya were very skilled and they built beautiful murals including the Baden Powell Hall in Kenya.

St. Andrews Turi School in Kenya is located off the main Nairobi- Uganda highway between Nakuru town in Kenya and Kericho town in Kenya.The closest town in Kenya to St Andrews Turi School is Molo town in Kenya. To get to Molo Town in Kenya from Nakuru town, you board matatu to molo at the Nakuru main stage in Kenya. St. Andrews Turi School in Molo town has a newly opened airstrip in Kenya to help in the movement of both local students in Kenya and international students in Kenya. St. Andrews Schhol Turi in Kenya is made up of a St Andrews Turi prep school, a St Andrews Turi senior school in Kenya as well as a St Andrews Turi college in Kenya. The St Andrews Turi prep school in Kenya caters for students in Kenya aged 5 to 13 years. The St Andrews Turi senior school in Kenya was opened up in 1988 as a way to satisfy the demand for boarding school in Kenya for students aged between 1 years and 16 years. The St Andrews Turi College in Kenya was officially opened up in 2010.

The St Andrews Turi School is managed by a Board of Governors that consists of at least 15 board members. The board meetings of St Andrews Turi School are held five times a year and are attended by the headmasters of both St Andrews Turi junior and senior schools in Kenya.

St Andrews Turi supports co curricular activities such as cricket, Frisbee and rounders ganes. The St Andrews Turi School also has professional horse riders in Kenya and jockeys who teach the students how to ride horses. The St Andrews Turi School also practices in friendly games and competitions both locally and internationally. The St Andrews Turi School in Kenya funds cultural trips to London, Canada and Israel as well as skiing trips to Sweden.

St Andrews Turi in Kenya has four boarding houses, 2 for girls and 2 for boys. The St Andrews Turi School fee rates in Kenya are rather high ranking as it is one of the most expensive schools in Kenya, for the affluent and financially able Kenyans.

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