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Location Of Royal Business School In Nairobi, Kenya

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As the population of Kenya grows, the demand for education has increased and so the establishment of many professional and academic schools in Kenya. Though some of the universities and colleges in Kenya offer unrecognized certificates due to not being accredited to offer certain courses in Kenya, there are manyinstitutions in Kenya which are recognized by the Kenya education board and even awarded charter to provide education services in Kenya as per the charter.

Royal Business School in Kenya is one of the fully operating and recognized school of business in Kenya that offers quality education to its students. As per the mission of Royal Business School, many students in Kenya who have passion or a business career in Kenya are finding their way to join this school. The mission of Royal Business School in Kenya has always been to encourage acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge in programmes that promote creativity and open minded to learning.

Many Kenyan students are enrolling courses in Kenya offered at Royal Business School in Kenya due to its concern about daily life excellence through creation of a unique learning experience that equips students with the tools to be the best and most confident in their field of studies. The Royal Business School in Kenya has also incorporated both the theoretical and practical training in Kenya and also exposing students’ talents that need to be nurtured, and even help them to identify their unique skills.

Royal Business School in Nairobi has both full day classes and evening classes offering the following courses in Kenya; Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (CPAK), Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (CPSK), Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC) in Kenya, Certified Information system Auditor (CISA) in Kenya, and Online Forex Trading Training (school of pipsology) in Kenya. The Royal Business School in Nairobi offers free block release (revision classes) in Nairobi twice a year in May and November to enable CPA and CPS students in Kenya to prepare for June and December exams.

For both CPA and CPS students in Kenya, the minimum entry requirements to join Royal Business School is a KCSE mean grade of C+, English C+ and Mathematics C+. ATC requirements in Royal Business School in Nairobi are KCSE mean grade of D+ but you should note that registration of CPA in Kenya, CPS in Kenya and ATC in Kenya are done at KASNEB offices in Kenya only.

Royal Business School in Nairobi is located in city centre of Nairobi in Caxton House on 2nd floor. Royal Business School in Nairobi is located along Kenyatta Avenue. The Royal Business School in Nairobi contacts are 0716338701, 0734371711 website: www.royal.ac.ke email: [email protected]

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