Location Of Riara University Main Campus In Nairobi And Courses Offered In Riara University In Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - April 4, 2023

Riara University is a relatively new privately owned university in Kenya. Riara University in Kenua has been accredited by the ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology in Kenya (MOHEST), to offer Diploma and Degree courses in Kenya. Riara University in Kenya specializes in offering courses in faculty of business in Kenya, faculty of law in Kenya and faculty of education in Kenya. Riara University motto is to nurture innovators constantly adapting its curriculum to the ever evolving new careers in Kenya and Kenyan job market needs. Though Riara University’s main focus is academics, it also provides a wide range of activities including community service in Kenya, recreation, sports in Kenya, clubs in Riara University and societies.

Location of Riara University in Kenya

Riara University main campus in Kenya is located on Mbagathi way in Nairobi city of Kenya. Riara University in Kenya has a main campus next to high Nyayo Hire Rise estate in Nairobi, a 20 minutes drive from the Nairobi city centre on off peak hours. Those driving to Riara University main campus in Kenya in private cars can use Uhuru High Way then turn to Mbagathi Road or alternatively use Haile Selassie Avenue, to use Ngong Road, driving up to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi then turn off to Mbagathi Road. Those using public means of transport  to Riara University main campus in Nairobi can board matatu number 16, and matatu number 34 which are picked in matatu terminals at the Nairobi city centre near the Nairobi city bus station.

Courses offered in Riara University in Kenya

Specific courses offered at Riara University in Kenya include; Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration), higher diploma in consultancy, Bachelor in education, Diploma in Business management, Bachelor of Laws, Diploma in Procurement and supplies management, Higher Diploma in business Ethics(Business Ethics), Bachelor of Business Administration in finance, Accounting and market option, Higher Diploma in Business Management, Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

For admission to Riara University in Kenya one has to visit the Riara University Deans office in Main Campus on Mbagathi Way in Nairobi. The entry grade for pursuing a bachelor degree in business and education in Riara University in Kenya is a c+, with a plain grade In English and Maths with the exception of pursuing a degree in Law in Riara University that attracts a higher an average grade of B- in KCSE. An online admission process in Riara University in Nairobi is also available where the Riara University admission letters can be downloaded from the Riara University website at www.riarauniversity.ac.ke/download. Further inquiries can be made through the official Riara University email to [email protected] 

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