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Kisii University Bachelor Of Science In Natural Resource Management Admission Criteria

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No doubt many Kenyans have already heard about the various discoveries of natural resources that are being made in coastal, arid and semi-arid lands. Lands such as Turkana, which previously held little appeal, are suddenly gained regional recognition. Natural resources in Kenya encompass, aquatic life, fauna and floral, water-catchment areas and wetlands. These are resources that are unfortunately not given the adequate attention where protection is concerned. Human beings encroach on wetlands and act surprised when they encounter floods or other disasters. Forests and animals are in danger of becoming extinct due to the lack of proper knowledge and will power to protect them. It is for this reason that courses such as Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management are important.

Admission Criteria:

Individuals who want to undertake Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management should have met the following criteria:

  • Individuals should have achieved the minimum entry requirements for the university.
  • Individuals who want to apply for the course should have obtained at least grade B- in Biology or B in Biological sciences, B- in Geography, C+ in Chemistry or B- in physical science and C+ in mathematics at K.C.S.E. or equivalent examination. 
  • Individuals who have obtained at least a C grade in Agriculture or Economics at K.C.S.E. or equivalent examination will have an added advantage when they apply for the course.
  • Individuals who are outstanding Diploma holders who have passed with Distinction, Credit or the equivalent in Range Management, Animal Husbandry, Animal Hea,lth, Forestry, Wildlife and other related fields will have the chance to be admitted for the course.


Duration of the Course

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management course takes place over a period of four academic years for regular students. This is a full time study. Individuals who are pursuing part-time studies shall be put on a tailor made programme to ensure that they cover all the units. The semester will go on for a period of 15 teaching weeks and a 2 week examination period. Individuals who are accepted into the course must ensure they cover all the required units including undertaking the various examinations and assessments. The course costs Ksh 110,000 per year.

For more information, individuals can contact:


P.O. Box 408 (40200), Kisii, Kenya.

Tel: 058-30826


Information Desk: [email protected]

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