Kenyatta University School of Economics Undergraduate Admission Criteria

by Laura Wanjiru  - March 4, 2023

kenyatta university school of economics undergraduate Admission Criteria

Kenyatta University is a kenya public university that offers a Degree course in Bachelor of Economics within the School of Economics. Individuals undertaking the undergraduate degree programme will be required to do so over a four year period. Individuals who enroll in the School of Economics is given the option of choosing courses from different departments. These departments are:

  • The department of Economic Theory
  • The department of Econometrics and Statistics
  • The department of Applied Economics

Students who wish to undertake courses that are not provided for under the School of Economics need to do so after consulting with the Dean of the School to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Individuals who apply for admission to the School of Economics should meet certain admission criteria.

Admission Criteria for the Undergraduate Programme

  • Individuals applying for the course should have attained the minimum University entry requirement of grade C+ in KCSE or an equivalent qualification.
  • In addition, the individuals should have acquired a minimum of grade C+ in Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology or in English/ Kiswahili or in a Humanity or a Commercial subject.
  • Individuals applying for the course need to have a minimum of grade B- (minus) in Mathematics.
  • Individuals who have obtained A-level qualifications or its equivalent are also eligible to undertake the degree course.

Duration of the course

kenya undergraduate course cover a period of four academic years during which students will be required to meet all the regulations as stipulated by the school. Students will undertake various units during the four year course, 13 units in the first year and 12 units each in the following three years, which at the end of the course should total forty-nine units. Students who wish to take an audit unit should first seek approval from the concerned department. As per the university regulations, students will be examined through continuous assessments and university examinations. The cumulative score will be used to determine the final classification.

For more information contact:

Dean,  kenya School of Economics, Arts Complex II, 1st Floor, Office No. 1009 Kenyatta University, P.O.Box 43844, GPO Nairobi. Kenya. Tel. +254 0(20) 8710901-19 Ext. 57465 Email: [email protected]

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