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Kenya School Of Law Diploma Entry Requirement

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In Kenya, there are a lot of legal procedures and terms that is required for full and satisfactory modes of life. This needs and involves the legal structures and departments in the country in form of judiciary and law. It has thereby raised the demand of legal and judicial officials for the professional and legal standards in the solving of the matters at hand where Kenya lack or are insufficient.

Institutions have therefore been established to offer the programmes such as Law and related studies. Kenya School of Law is thereby one of the institutions which ensures that it supply the market with the ready skilled law graduates that they train in their institutions. Kenya School of Law was established to offer law studies and related studies to their students and since its development, it has developed several department some of which include the department of continuing Professional Development which is in the academic division of this institution. This department has the mandate to develop professional legal development courses for professional legal officers of various shades to upgrade their competencies and skills while in practice.

Kenya School of Law has various law courses but have recently introduced a Diploma in Law (PARALEGAL Studies) which train persons to serve in all fields of law and to instill professional preparedness and ethical commitment in the legal practice to persons serving at the Para-legal level. This programme also lays a solid foundation for the wishers of a Bachelors in Laws Degree.

The Minimum entry requirements for the enrollment of the programme where the students would be fully eligible in this institution is a mean Grade of C (Plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its Equivalent, and a minimum grade of C+ (Plus) in English or a minimum of Division III in KCE/EACE or its equivalent, with at least a Credit in English Language. Other requirements involve at least one principal pass at the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE), or a Distinction/Credit in the Certificate in Law course conducted at the Kenya School of Law or any other relevant Certificate or Diploma in a related field from an institution recognized by the council of Legal Education.

The mode of study is on the weekdays basis with an option for either day or evening classes both of which will take a period of minimum two academic years comprising of three semesters per academic year. The total course units that a student should complete within the two academic years are 24 units and a student should register for a maximum of four course units per semester. For the full satisfaction for the award of the Diploma in Law (PARALEGAL studies), candidates should have completed the course of study in not less than two academic years and should have cleared the whole fee which include application fees of Ksh. 2,000 paid once, tuition fee of Ksh 7,500 per course unit, Examination fees of Ksh 3,000 per course unit as well as Library fees of Ksh 5,000 paid once per academic year.


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