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Kenya National Library Service Website: eResources Available For Students In Kenya

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Every year, thousands of Kenyans attend evening classes in an attempt to achieve intellectual fulfilment and to gain the needed qualification papers in Kenya that will lead to a job promotion. Evening classes in Kenya usually take one to three hours. Individuals who attend these evening classes in Kenya are usually goal oriented people who know what they want. This makes the classes intense and before you know it, the hour is up and you start rushing home. The advantages of taking a class in Kenya are clear, however, there is one thing that can make the classes more beneficial. This is the availability of learning resources in Kenya.

Keep in mind that those Kenyans who attend evening classes cannot attend day classes because their day is usually occupied with work or business related activities in Kenya. This means that the evening students in Kenya rarely have time to visit college libraries in Kenya which mostly function during the day. This makes it difficult for the evening students in Kenya to do their research on given assignments. However, the provision of eResources in Kenya, made available through the Kenya National Library Service’s website online, makes research work very easy.

So how can one access the eResources in Kenya?

It starts with going to the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) website in Kenya, http://www.knls.ac.ke/

On the homepage of KNLS website in Kenya, click the eResources page. eResources This will lead you to a variety of databases available online in Kenya.

The eResources on KNLS website in Kenya is rich with databases such as HINARS database that specializes in biomedical and health literature in Kenya. The INASP database that has over 2 million records on subjects ranging fro public health to medicinal plans in Kenya. E-books in Kenya are the in-thing in this age of technology and these are in plenty at the Kenya National Library website in Kenya. There is an E-brary collection with e-books covering business, IT, education, law, medicine and religion among other subjects in Kenya. There is also the Springer E-books database in Kenya that is also rich in e-books.

Of course, Kenyan students need to diversify their research in Kenya, and this is made possible by having databases from the World Bank E-library and the New York Public Library. The constitution of Kenya is also available as part of the eResources on the Kenya National Library Service website in Kenya. Resources available in the library website in Kenya are immense and visitors can access books, periodicals, journals, films, movies, e-books and even talking books in Kenya. The online services in Kenya, offered by KNLS, make it easier for all Kenyans to pursue their education in Kenya without unnecessarily struggling. Using the Kenya National Library Service website and accessing the eResoource in Kenya is a convenient way of doing research. The online research provision on KNLS website in Kenya saves on money and on time and adds on knowledge and information.

Being a student in Kenya, especially a private student, can be expensive if you do not know where to get resources for research in Kenya. Let’s face it; text books in Kenya do not come cheap and most public library services in Kenya are far or are open during the day only. Libraries in Kenya are not available at every corner. Kenya National Library Service however has branches in all major towns in Kenya which include Nakuru- near Taidys Hotel and Club and in Nairobi- KNLS is on Mumias Road and Ol Donyo Sabuk Road Junction in Buruburu in Nairobi area. Doing your research online in Kenya is the best option for those constrained by time. You can access the online services of KNLS at any time of the day and night unlike the physical libraries that are open only on selected times. So why not use this awesome eResource from KNLS and let it enable you achieve your intellectual goals?

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