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Kenya Government Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing

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Nurses in Kenya constitute to approximately fifty (50%) percent of all health care workers in Kenya. This is because they are very essential in caring of patients and clients in all health care setup (both public and private). The government of Kenya spends a lot of money and resources to train nurses; both certificate and diploma in nursing.

Nursing is the only course in Kenya that takes a long duration of time in Kenya at certificate and diploma level. For instance, certificate in nursing takes approximately two and half years while the diploma in nursing takes three and half years. Certificate course of Nursing in Kenya is recognized as Enrolled Community Nurses (ECN) while diploma in nursing is known as Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN).

The institutions that offer both certificate and diploma courses in nursing in Kenya are usually accredited by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) which also assesses students after college through examination before they are given practicing license. The government colleges that offer course of nursing in Kenya is famously known as Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and it found almost in every town in Kenya.

Therefore, the approved government colleges in Kenya include:

a)      Pumwani Maternity School of Nursing – Nairobi.

b)      Parklands Training School – Nairobi.

c)      Kenyatta National Hospital Nursing School – Nairobi.

d)     Armed Forces Memorial School of Nursing – Nairobi.

e)      Kenya Medical Training colleges located in the following towns:

  • Bondo.

  • Bungoma.

  • Eldoret.

  • Embu.

  • Garissa.

  • Homa Bay.

  • Kabarnet.

  • Kakamega.

  • Kapkatet.

  • Kilifi.

  • Kisii.

  • Kisumu.

  • Kitale.

  • Kitui.

  • Lodwar.

  • Machakos.

  • Mathare.

  • Meru.

  • Mombasa.

  • Msambweni.

  • Muranga.

  • Nairobi.

  • Nakuru.

  • Nyamira.

  • Nyeri.

  • Port – Reitz.

  • Siaya.

  • Thika.

  • Webuye.

These colleges were established by the government of Kenya so as to curb the scarcity of nurses and to make nursing courses affordable to the people of Kenya. The colleges are located near to government hospitals; district hospitals, provincial hospitals and referral hospitals.


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