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In terms of education, Kenya is one country that has several education opportunities to cater to the different people. This article focuses on the international schools that is not only common with expatriates but also Kenyans who feel they prefer to try other systems other than the national curriculum that is 8.4.4 and also makes it easier for those that wish to pursue  their studies abroad.

We shall look at some of the common schools and the services they offer to the students in Kenya.

Braeside School in Kenya

Braeside School in Kenya is a co-educational international school in Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.  It offers academic programs based on the British National Curriculum in Kenya. Classes in Kenya cover Early Years, Primary School, and High School. Among Braeside School in Kenya facilities includes: a music room, a library, a 25-metre swimming pool, a training pool, playing fields, a kitchen and a dining hall which also caters for indoor games. Textbooks and stationery are provided for the students of Braeside School in Kenya.

Braeside School in Kenya boasts as the largest accredited University of Cambridge International Centre in Kenya and also being a Cambridge Fellowship Centre. The courses offered by Braeside School in Kenya  cater for the needs of students in Kenya in an international environment. The Braeside courses in Kenya lead to International Qualifications including the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), Checkpoint, International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE), International Certificate of Education (ICE), General Certificate of Education (GCE-O, AS/A2) and BTEC (Edexcel).

Brookhouse School in Kenya

Brookhouse School is a British curriculum co-educational day, boarding school offering Early Years, preparatory and secondary in Kenya. Brookhouse School in Kenya is located in Langata, Nairobi and it is a global member of the Round Square association of schools worldwide and thus endorses the Round Square ethos by considering six foundation pillars as central to a holistic approach to education, Environment, Internationalism, Leadership, Democracy, Adventure and Service in Kenya.

Brookhouse School in Kenya follows an adapted form of the British National Curriculum. The Early Years caters for children 2–5 years, providing a carefully planned induction to the Curriculum. The Secondary section of Brookhouse School in Kenya commences with the one year Pre-IGCSE Year 9 program, leading students to two years of the IGCSE course in Kenya during Year 10 and Year 11. Upon successful completion of IGCSE examinations in Kenya, pupils can progress to AS and A-level courses in Year’s 12 and 13, before moving on to university.

Brookhouse School in Kenya also offers an IFY foundation year bridging programme in Kenya, in partnership with the specialist vocational BTEC courses in Kenya which are in Music, Art & Design and Music Technology and Northern Consortium of UK Universities.

Greensteds School in Kenya

Greensteds School in Kenya is a mixed day and boarding school situated 17 kilometers south of Nakuru in Kenya. Greensteds School in Kenya provides an English curriculum at both IGCSE and A-levels to Kenya students in subjects in the arts, ranging from French as second language to mathematics and the sciences in Kenya.

Greensteds School in Kenya is co-educational and provides an outstanding education based on an adapted form of the National Curriculum of England from Reception to ‘A’ level. Greensteds School also offers several extra-curricular activities such as various sports and other arts that help nurture the kids’ talents at a young age and also ensure that they are all rounded in Kenya.

Mombasa Academy in Kenya

The Mombasa Academy in Kenya is a private coeducational international school situated in Nyali, Mombasa in Kenya. Mombasa Academy in Kenya provides education to children aged from two and a half years to nineteen years. Mombasa Academy follows the British National curriculum in Kenya, with all the subjects being taught in English. Mombasa Academy in Mombasa, Kenya has an International Teaching Institution status and offers a wide range of examinations in Kenya including I.G.C.S.E. and A Level Courses in Kenya.

Apart from an Olympic sized pool, Mombasa Academy in Kenya also has well equipped Playgroup. The Junior, Preparatory and Secondary, are all housed on the same campus and sharing facilities and to a considerable extent, staff expertise.

St. Andrews School, Turi

St Andrews School in Kenya is a multicultural, international and Christian Boarding School in Kenya. St. Andrews School offers a British Curriculum education in Kenya of the highest standard. St. Andrews School is located near Nakuru in Kenya, near the town of Molo. St Andrew’s is co-educational, and has pupils in Kenya aged five to thirteen in the Preparatory school, thirteen to nineteen in the Senior School in Molo Kenya. The St. Andrews School in Kenya sits on a grand 300-acre estate in the Kenyan Highlands. The school in Kenya has a curriculum in Kenya that is predominantly based on the British model where students sit for IGCE and A Levels, and as such, many of the teachers are British trained. Facilities in St. Andrews School in Kenya on the 300-acre (1.2 km2) estate in Molo, Kenya include a squash court, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and green pitches which stay green all year round.

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