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Information You Should Have Before Applying For the Kenya Youth Scholarship Fund

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Lack of school fees is one such big issue that affects many youths in Kenya. It has kindled many students’ dreams. It was for this reason that Kenya youth scholarship Fund was established in 2005. This program addresses issues that affect education of the youth in Kenya. It aim at helping the needy youth in Kenya who display academic excellence but have limited resources to acquire skills and knowledge and this enables them to be self-reliant after completion of their education.

The program also aims at reducing the gap between the poor and the rich. Kenya Youth scholarship fund program gets its fund from various co operations, individuals, groups and other concerned people both in Kenya and outside countries. This scholarship is one of the most competitive scholarships offered in Kenya and requires that the applicant provide required information correctly and fully. The scholarship is usually awarded based on the applicant’s academic merit and need as well as on equitable geographic distribution.

The clergy, local leaders and elders and other administrators are used to verify the financial need of the applicants. For one to qualify for this scholarship he or she must fulfill the following selection criteria

        i.            Must have a minimum KCSE mean grade of C-for the Diploma programs and a mean grade of D+ for the certificate programs

      ii.            Applicant must fill in the scholarship application form and submit it together with recommendation letters from spiritual and administrative leaders.

    iii.            Applicants must show prove that are able to meet their financial upkeep in colleges.

     iv.            Applicants must meet the admission requirement of the institution they intent to be admitted.

       v.            Applicants should be between 18-35 years of age.

NB: Sponsorship cannot be redeemed for cash or to other learning institution. The decision of the sponsorship board is final and sponsorship does not cover external and internal exam fees.

Awarding of the Kenya Youth scholarship Fund is based on character assessment, academic performance during the course period and conformance of the beneficiaries to the requirement and rules of the scholarship award.




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