How to promote essay writing in Kenyan schools

by Laura Wanjiru  - March 20, 2023


Writing a proper essay is challenging because it is a product of rigorous mental activity. This is very useful especially when it comes to planning an essay. There are several key steps in planning an essay and they involve the following.

The first step is to analyze the essay topic. It is important to first understand the topic one is dealing with so that, one can be able to have an idea of what the topic is all about. This enables the writer to gather information and hence make notes.

Going over all the information that has been acquired is important after writing down all the gathered notes that have been collected, it is important that the writer goes over them and make sure they are in accordance with the topic which is being tackled.

Identifying the key points among the collected points, others may be related and may be similar hence can be combined. The very important points should be identified and written down, so that they can be expounded on, when the essay will be written and used as a topic sentence.

A proper sequence of the gathered materials is required to properly structure and organize the information. How one organizes information will be determined by the material itself as well as, the purpose in writing the essay hence the essay will require that one seriously considers which the best mode of presenting the ideas to bring out the required message.

A tentative outline should be drawn after getting the sequence in which to present the essay, one will organize the point of view in the manner that one feels will be the most convincing to the reader. For example one may choose order of most to least important to most important. Or could opt for a different order altogether.



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