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How To Get An University Scholarship In Kenya

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There are many students in Kenya who do exceptionally well in their secondary school examinations but lack the financial power to carry on with University education in Kenya, even for the rather affordable public universities. There are other Kenyans who have concluded their undergraduate studies in Kenya and wish to get sponsorship and funding for their masters or even doctorate studies within the country or abroad. There are very many channels to acquire a scholarship here in Kenya. Most of the public universities in Kenya give scholarships to their students who acquire first class honors in their undergraduate studies.

It is possible to get sponsorship from individuals or certain companies in Kenya who offer funding to the best performing students. The Equity Bank of Kenya also funds exemplary students for undergraduate studies in top notch universities such as Yale, Cambridge and Oxford. The Equity Bank offers scholarships in Kenya to the first male and female students in every district where it operates. So far, this program has benefited well over 1000 people in Kenya. Equity bank has also helped at least 69 students gain entry into the world leading universities as of last year.

Some employers also give study scholarships to their highly esteemed workers in Kenya. They could for instance fund your master’s degree on condition that once you have completed your studies, you will return to the same organization to impart your acquired knowledge. For example, most well-grounded NGO’s, parastatals and other government agencies in Kenya give such scholarships.

There are many other international scholarships that are offered to students in third world, or rather developing countries such as Kenya. These scholarships are being advertised all over in the internet. They give priorities to Africans, and more so African ladies as they are out to achieve gender equality in terms of education. Most of these scholarships can be accessed through www.scholarships.com.     With an internet connection, time and dedication it is very easy to identify a viable study with a specific line of study.

Most people in Kenya applying for scholarships keenly eye Universities located in the U.S.A thereby missing out on other opportunities. For example, there are so many scholarships offered in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but Kenyans are adamant to apply. This is mainly because these countries are not native English speakers and as such Kenyans fear being alienated or feeling sidelined and out of place. Some programs however are taught in English and therefore most of these universities ask non-native English speakers to undertake an English course – so relax!

Once you have applied for admission and gained entry, the next step is looking for a granter. For Netherlands based programs, the Netherlands Fellowship Program sponsors students from all over, including Kenya. There could be other sponsors such as Sir Johns and Lady Higgins Scholarship. Most of these scholarships include air travel to and fro the intended country of study, subsistence as well as health and tuition covers.

Get looking people, and best of luck!

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