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How To Enroll For Masters In University Of Nairobi

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University of Nairobi has masters programs which assist the Kenyan university in generating knowledge that develop workforce, from various fields or disciplines who are competent to meet the various demands in different disciplines. A person wishing to enrol in any masters program in University of Nairobi should make their way to distinct department offices in University of Nairobi to seek more information and to register through filling an application form, which is also available online. However, a person is supposed to be aware of these requirements in order to get an opportunity at University of Nairobi. A person can enrol for fulltime basis or part time basis. Most of the time, University of Nairobi masters programs usually consist of three stages; the course work, exams and thesis/project. The entry requirements of Nairobi University masters programs differ from one discipline to another, but mostly, a student should have a degree in particular fields one wishes to enrol in from University of Nairobi or from any other recognized university in Kenya. The requirement of entry vary with a discipline where some wish to have a student with a minimum of upper second class degree from University of Nairobi or any other recognized university in Kenya, a student with a minimum of a pass degree from University of Nairobi or any other recognized university in Kenya, and sometimes a student with a minimum of lower second honours in a degree from University of Nairobi or a recognized university in Kenya.These requirements vary with the academic year, and therefore, details should be sort from the academic affairs office in the University of Nairobi. Once a person has met all the required entry points of the UON master’s program they wish to pursue, they should get information about the various courses they need to do to complete the program. The students should also confirm where and when the classes commence. Mostly classes commence in before completion of the previous semester.

Payment of fees required to attend classes is payable on full or in instalments as directed from the University of Nairobi offices. The duration of University of Nairobi masters programs for full time students is usually 2 years. That duration can extend from four semesters to eight semesters. For a student to be conferred the masters accreditation, one must complete all the required stages and must pass all thecourses required in the discipline they are taking. University of Nairobi offers masters programs for various faculties which include arts, education, business, IT, engineering, dental sciences, publichealth, pharmacy, journalism and many others. One can get more information about the requirements of the masters program through their website http://archive.University of Nairobibi.ac.ke/admission/?page=postgraduate

Well, after understanding the various aspects of qualifying for masters degree, you need to go to the University of Nairobi website and fill an application or fill a form in admissions office in the university. While submitting your application, you will need to pay an application fee of Kes 3000 and wait for acceptance of your request for masters. You will be summoned for an interview. You will be allowed to pursue masters once you pass the interview. Enrol for masters program now and move towards a bright future!!!

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