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How to apply for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard in Kenya

how to apply for a payoneer prepaid debit mastercard in kenya 1


 Kenya is a country in which a lot of its citizens prefer to do jobs to companies and institutions which are foreign and majorly out of Kenya. These companies in return pay these Kenyan citizen through online services which could make receiving of the money by these Kenyans a nightmare and a tough experience to them due to the level of technology in Kenya. As a result, payoneer has been established to help citizens who are not actually Americans to receive payments directly to their local bank accounts as if they were Americans with American bank accounts.

Payoneer is an established foreign firm which deals with channeling of international transactions to ensure that they are smooth and effective. They have done so by providing the prepaid debit MasterCard in which users from other countries can receive payments internationally, make payments, to shop online or withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide which accept MasterCard.

Application procedure for the Prepaid Debit MasterCard:

  • Visit the official payoneer website which is accessed at www.payoneer.com and signup for an online account in which all the transactions would be carried out from. In this online account, you provide your full personal details, your contact details and your security details in form of username and password. This username and password would be required before any transaction is completed.

  • After the completion of the signup process, an e-mail would be sent to your e-mail address, which you provided earlier in the signup process, about your account completion process and the date which your Prepaid Debit MasterCard would be sent to your physical address which you also provided in your contact details.

  • The Prepaid Debit MasterCard would be successfully delivered to that physical address in the date indicated in the email sent by Payoneer Inc. After receiving the MasterCard, you have to activate it first before you can be able to use it.

Activation of the Prepaid Debit MasterCard:

The activation process of the MasterCard is done online;

  • Log on to your online account at www.payoneer.com/myaccount by entering your account username and password you provided during signing up of an account at payoneer.

  • After your successful log in to your account, click the account setting tab at the top right corner of your browser and select ‘Activate card’. A dialog box will appear and ask for your Debit Card number which would be a 16 digit number on your card and a four digit PIN of your choice.

  • Click the activate button at the bottom of the dialog box after completing the dialog box through which your card would be activated and ready for use.

  • You will receive a message in the online account confirming that your card has been successfully activated and ready for use.

After this successful activation, you can now use your card to withdraw cash from your US bank account to your local bank account through any ATM worldwide, shop online for goods and services, receive payments from US companies as well as internationally send money to your friends and family with payoneer accounts easily and effectively.

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