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How to Access KASNEB Examination Results Online

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Kenya Accountancy and Secretaries National and Examination Board (KASNEB) is mandated to develop syllabus, conduct technicians and professional examinations, accountancy, governance, Information Technology, management and certification of candidates. It also involves in accreditation of institutions offering various courses. KASNEB works towards producing professionals that compete favorably in the job market by offering quality examinations in governance, accountancy, management, Information Technology, Finance and other related fields.

KASNEB examination results can be accessed online, either through the SMS service or from KASNEB website.

  • Accessing from the KASNEB website

The following steps can be followed in accessing your KASNEB examination results online.

a)      Create an account on the student portal in the website. To do this proceed as follows:

-Click the student login link in the KASNEB website and then choose the Student icon

-Select Create Account and on either if you have Student registration or not.

-Then proceed to give Username, Email and Password (which must be strong)

-Click Save to move on to the next step.


b)      Provide the personal the email address and password used to create you account in step (a) above. Login by clicking the unlocking button.

c)      Select the tab named Registration Details and proceeds to access the tab named Course Choice.

d)      From the dropdown dialog box, select Examination and then click ‘yes’ on the check box. Proceed to provide your registration number with prefix for example 56438 instead of NSC/56438. Click Save.

e)      Proceed to select Examination Results tab and click Print to print a pdf version of the results. You can as well send the results to your email address.

  • Accessing KASNEB Results through SMS service

NB: This is only applicable to Safaricom subscribers only.

The results can be accessed by sending an SMS to 20225 using the following format:

kasneb / registration number. For example, kasneb/NSC/56438. The SMS will cost KSH 10.

For more information visit www.kasneb.or.ke

or contact through:

Mobile: 0722201214

Email: [email protected]






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