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How Graduates Can Get Their CV Revamped Online To Get Jobs In Kenya

how graduates can get their cv revamped online to get jobs in kenya 1


Years spent getting your communal degree in Kenya are finally over, and you are stepping into the dreaded world of the job hunt in Kenya. It is almost routine for all graduates in Kenya to wake up early, shower, dress up and sit to use your computer. Open job websites in Kenya and scan for suitable positions which require less experience since you are just a graduate in Kenya. Graduates in Kenya are used to the routine of applying for all trainee positions in Kenya, but with no reply. Depression sets in, you move on to printing multiple copies of your CV and posting them to all potential employers in Kenya.

Broke-no job prospects and depressed, am sure this is something most graduates in Kenya go through. Pressure from the family members to step it up and get some income in Kenya which gets you to your wits end. What are you as a graduate in Kenya doing wrong? Well then you need to change how you operate. Running the same routine and expecting the same results is just futile. Using the same CV to apply to all job positions in Kenya is not advisable.

Graduates have a lot of assistance in Kenya to ensure they succeed. A graduate in Kenya should get their CV revamped using tips from Kenya CV editing websites such as http://lifehacker.com/CV editingResume EditingCV writing services and CV writing service. A Kenya graduate’s cover letter should not be pages long, no employer wants to read your whole life history, let your CV in Kenya do that for you. Even after all these efforts, most Kenyan graduates still cannot get jobs in Kenya. The next best thing for a graduate in Kenya to do is engross themselves in volunteer work in Kenya, to keep busy and active or to go back to studies in Kenya for courses that support your main degree course. Voluntary work in Kenya can be done in NGOs in Kenya and in community organizations in Kenya. Such NGOs in Kenya include Kenya Red Cross Society, St John Ambulance in Kenya, and Child Fund Foundation among many others. The NGOs in Kenya mostly have branches in most parts of Kenya such as Nakuru, Nairobi, Eldoret, Nyeri, Baringo, Machakos and Turkana. Graduates in Kenya should not stop improving their Curriculum Vitae in Kenya. A mantra that I personally live by is that ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade’.

The best thing for graduates in Kenya to do is to learn new skills from interacting with various potential employers in Kenya through doing internships and voluntary works. Graduates in Kenya should try out new skills in Kenya and get on the internet learn some java script and C++. Always wanted to know how to make abstract art, get on the internet and learn how. Learn how to make some origami and sell them to your neighbours. Keeping busy will keep you sane and active. This will enable graduates in Kenya an open mind to try new skills in Kenya which might eventually land them to new jobs.

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