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Happy Villages Kenya Organization: Location, Contacts and Services it Offers

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This is a non-profit non-governmental organization that is based in South Uyoma in Kenya. The organization aims at reducing extreme poverty among the poor in rural areas in Kenya through its variousprograms with the help of existing community structures.

Happy Villages Kenya mainly targets the community groups in accomplishing its objectives. It trains the community groups on various programs geared towards eradicating or reducing poverty levels in these particular targeted communities. The organization uses the United Nations millennium Development Goals to design and implements its projects. The projects that are run by this Happy Village Kenya mainly targets:

             i.            Achieve universal primary education

           ii.            To improve maternal health

         iii.            To reduce child mortality rate

         iv.            To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other infections

           v.            To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

         vi.            To achieve global partnership and development

       vii.            To achieve environmental sustainability


The common programs that are run by Happy Villages Kenya Organization cuts across the following areas: Health, Agriculture, food security and Environment, Education, Water and sanitation hygiene, Infrastructure, roads and housing, Business enterprise and microfinance and community development. The organization works within a small geographical area around Uyoma and the neighboring areas with the aim of eliminating barriersto development such as poor health and poor education environment.

Happy Villages Kenya organization ensures its objectives are met and the results compared against the United Nation development goalsafter which they report to the community, supporters and partners the progress of its projects.The organization achieves its objectives through the effort of trained staff, interns and volunteers. The organization complements the training of students from various institutions as they get opportunity to work in the organization as volunteers or interns.

For more information about Happy Villages Kenya organization, visit their website www.happyvillages.org.


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