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Guidelines On How To Apply For AMREF Internships

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AMREF has its head offices in Nairobi which serve East Africa Countries. The organization offers both international and local internships in various fields. Interns are encouraged to work as by doing this they will be acquiring extra skills as well as giving back to the society. Interns at AMREF are exposed to various aspects of the organization’s programmes making them emerge as intellectuals and ready for the competitive job market. It is important to that all internship opportunities are awarded based on the objectives of AMREF. To be an intern at AMREF one has to apply and chosen by AMREF.

Individuals who are legible for the AMREF internship are students undertaking courses at diploma, degree, post-graduate or doctoral levels. The i8nternship is tailored to benefit both the student and the organization. The Internship is usually offered for a period of three months thought it can be extended to a maximum of half a year with the interns working for forty hours per week.

Internship placement at AMREF takes place twice a year, in March and September strictly for individuals applying from Africa. Applicants from outside Africa are placed in July and October every year. All applications are usually processed at least three months prior to starting of the internship.

Internship qualification Requirements

To qualify for this internship one must:

  • Specify why choose AMREF for internship and the benefits that will be acquired after completion of the internship.

  • Submit an internship application to the relevant human resource office via the address provided

  • Indicate programme of training approved by the institution

  • Indicate the field of academic specialization or field where training is required.

  • Attach supporting letters from the institution

Interns are recruited after an advertisement by the AMREF at its website. Usually the type of interns required is indicated plus the internship period. For more information visit AMREF website www.amref.org


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