Engineering Courses Offered at Moi University in Kenya.

by Laura Wanjiru  - March 30, 2023

Engineering is a course that involves application of science and practical knowledge in designing and maintaining structures and devices. It is one of well paying career in Kenya. Few students pursue this course in Kenya both at undergraduate and postgraduate level because of its toughness and tution fees paid.

Moi university is one of those institutions in Kenya that offer engineering courses at all levels, that is , from degree to doctor of philosophy. This is offered under the school of engineering which is equipped with ultra modern laboratories for practicals and workshops. These laboratories are designed for each engineering course offered at Moi University.

School of engineering is one of the oldest schools in Moi University and was formed in 1986 and now has five teaching department. All engineering courses offered at Moi University are recognised in Kenya and therefore registered by Engineering Board of Kenya (EBK). The dean of this school is Dr. (Eng.) S. Simiyu Sitati.

Undergraduate engineering programmes.

It includes Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in:

  • Chemical and Processing Engineering.
  • Civil and Structural Engineering.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering.
  • Industrial and Textile Engineering.

Postgraduate Engineering Programmes offered by Moi University.

They include Master of Sciencein:

  • Structural Engineering.
  • Water Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Textile Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering.

Master of philosophy (M.Phil) offered in this school includes:

  • M.Phil. in Energy Studies (with options in energy and environment, energy management and renewable energy resource).
  • M.Phil. in Production Engineering (with options in applied mechanics, manufacturing technology, machine design and materials engineering).

There is only one doctor of philosophy (D.Phil) programme offered at school of engineering at Moi University and it is:

  • D.Phil. in Energy Studies.

If you want to make enquiries concerning the engineering courses offered at Moi University in Kenya, contact:

Dean, School of Engineering, Moi University.

P.O. Box 3900 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya.

Telephone number: 053 43620, extension number 2733

Email address: [email protected].





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