Diploma courses offered at Maseno University

by Lotela Paul  - July 7, 2022


   Maseno university is determined and committed to provide quality education to all groups of candidates not only those who pass well in their KCSE and qualify for degree courses but also cater for the other students who are interested in carrying on their higher education but have not qualified the entry requirements for the degree courses by offering diploma courses which may finally usher the students to undertake degree courses in the related courses.The minimum entry requirement for diploma courses in Maseno University is C plain in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE).These diploma courses are offered in the constituent campuses such as City Campus-Kisumu,Homabay Campus and Bondo campus.This is offered several schools.

The Diploma courses offered in different Schools in Maseno University

  • School of Arts and Social Sciences

Diploma in film and Theatre studies                     – Diploma in Music

-Diploma in Religion                                                 -Diploma in Theology

-Diploma in journalism and mass media               -Diploma in Public Relations

-Diploma in French                                                    -Diploma in Social work

             -Diploma in Music production and Technology

  • School of Mathematics and Acturial Sciences

-Diploma in Acturial Sciences

  • School of Education

-Diploma in Entrepreneurship                        -Diploma in Environmental studies

-Diploma in Early childhood education           -Diploma in sign language interpretation

-Diploma in Guidance and Counselling           -Diploma in Disability

-Diploma in Special needs education               -Diploma in School Administration                                   -Diploma in Educational Administration

  • School of Biological and Physical Sciences

-Diploma in Analytical Chemistry                         -Diploma in Hospitality management

-Diploma in Travel and Tourism

  • School of computing and informatics

-Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

  • School of Planning and architecture

-Diploma in Urban management        

-Diploma in monitoring and evaluation                                                                                                                                                    

  • School of Public Health and community Development

-Diploma in HIV and AIDS determinants                     -Diploma in community health

-Diploma in Health economics                                      -Diploma in Prevention and Management

-Diploma in Medical Laboratory sciences

  • School of Business and Economics

          -Diploma in Business Administration                            -Diploma in Economics

           -Diploma in Small Enterprise Finance                            -Diploma in Management

           -Diploma in Sales and Marketing                                  -Diploma in Human Resource Management

           -Diploma in Project design and implementation         -Diploma in Strategic management

           -Diploma in Management of NGO’S                               -Diploma in Entrepreneurship

          -Diploma in e-Commerce and e-Business systems     -Diploma in management of transport system

           -Diploma in county development                                     -Diploma in Project management                                                                                                                                                                                

           -Diploma in Enterprise Development and management

           -Diploma in Strategic Purchasing and supply management

  • School of Development and Strategic studies

-Diploma in Diplomacy                                 -Diploma in Public Administration

               -Diploma in community development         -Diploma in Peace and Security studies


Postgraduate diploma courses

There are five postgraduate diploma courses offered at Maseno University namely:

-Postgraduate diploma in Education(PGDE)

-Postgraduate diploma in Educational evaluation

-ICT Application Education

-Pedagogical skills

-Project planning and management

Nyakongo Dispensary
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