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CPA Professional Course In Kenya

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Professional studies in Kenya have been taking the lead for decades as many employers are now employing professional graduates as compared to academic graduates. CPA (Certified Public Accounts) is the common professional course in Kenya. It is quite true that employers in Kenya prefer a section three student than a BCOM (accounting) graduate.

The government of Kenya has also endorsed CPA course as the preferred qualification required to hold public account office in Kenya. For a person to qualify for the public accounts officer position in Kenya, you must be a CPA (International) graduate. This fact has led to many students subscribing to this course in Kenya. You will be shocked that a student taking medicine course is still studying CPA. Many Kenya candidates after receiving their secondary certificates enrol for CPA. Even others in Kenya enroll before their KCSE results are out.

I guess in the near future, CPA will be part of Kenya’s curriculum in such a way that every graduate will be required  to have completed CPA before being honored as a degree graduate regardless of the field he/she has specialized in.

This demand has led the CPA examination body (KASNEB) heightening their qualifications and the examination. The CPA examination body in Kenya- KASNEB has also made CPA graduates more competitive in the world through the change of their syllabus to move from CPA(K) to CPA (International). To qualify for CPA registration and examinations, you need to have at least a mean grade of C+ (plus) and C+ (plus) in both Mathematics and English in secondary school KCSE results in Kenya. If you have done another course, KASNEB may also give you with exemptions depending with the course done.

The biggest challenge in exemptions by KASNEB in Kenya is that even after qualifying for exemptions you, may end up not attaining all the sections to be honored a CPA International holder. KASNEB examinations in Kenya call for serious students who will dedicate most of their time and give constant attention in 6 months time which is equivalent to one semester.

The college/university in Kenya that you choose to study in also contributes to your success or failure. You need qualified and experienced tutors of CPA in Kenya to prepare you before the examinations. There are few universities within Nairobi which are well known for equipping their students and producing most qualified ones. They include:

Strathmore University, Summit College, KCA University, Vision Institute of Professional Studies, Pinnacle School of Business, Zetech College among many others found within the city of Nairobi. If you have a plan to study CPA, you should consider enrolling in one of the above institutes where there are professionals to lecture you to success. Good luck in your studies.

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